The Masked Singer Will 'Keep The Momentum Going' With Season 4 Fall Return

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The Masked Singer has been a runaway hit for Fox in its first three seasons, so it's only natural the show would return for Season 4. The singing competition with a hint of mystery will return in September, and is looking to get even bigger and better than before. According to The Masked Singer's production designer James Pearse Connelly, that's something that has been in the show's DNA since the beginning.

James Pearse Connelly spoke to CinemaBlend's Laura Hurley about the series, and how it has kept the momentum rolling since Season 1:

The show really knows itself. From the moment it was Season 1, it really kind of got a lot of great response. So there has been a feeling of sort of, 'Let's keep the momentum going.' So what we've been focusing on is just making it better and fixing any sort of production problems, and then also styling each clue and world for the current costumes that are being showcased that year. And so every year we enhance those clues. We build new clues. We fix production issues.

James Pearse Connelly and crew work towards polishing the finer points of The Masked Singer, while producers are promising even bigger stars for each season. Season 3 was certainly a step up in terms of star power, and with the show's prominence only growing, it stands to reason there will be bigger names to come. Sarah Palin and Lil Wayne were big gets, but I think audiences have yet to see the peak of talent The Masked Singer can pull.

Bigger names are always advertised, and James Pearse Connelly has promised something in The Masked Singer Season 4 that is specific and tangible. Connelly explained that one of the changes for Season 4 is born out of necessity due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19.

This year, you can expect big visuals, huge visuals because we are working or looking at solving the problem of no audience or small audience. And as you know, from watching the show, the audience is a huge character. So this year, we're going even crazier. Big art splashes to create more energy. So I'm excited about Season 4, it's going to be really awesome. We're going into production in the next couple of weeks. And I think everyone who's watching is going to be really excited to see something fresh.

It sounds like The Masked Singer could be more interesting visually this year, though it's hard to imagine how much more trippy a show where people are singing in animal costumes can get. I'm certainly eager to find out, and hope that the upcoming fourth season is every bit as weird and fun as the first three.

With The Masked Singer eyeing a return date in September, audiences need to be ready to put on their clue hats as soon as possible. A commercial for Season 4 has released, and while it's light on what the costumes will look like, it does make all the promises of what fans can expect from this show.

With Season 4 so close, The Masked Singer could look a lot different when it comes back. My hope is for smaller gaps of time between filming and airdates, if only so the writers have a better chance to throw the internet off the trail of contestants with guesses. I want to see some harder clues this year (and other things), and I'm beginning to wonder if there's any singer whose identity can't be sniffed out by the masses in advance of the finale reveal.

The Masked Singer Season 4 will premiere on Fox in September. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the show, and the latest happenings in the world of television and movies.

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