Bella Thorne Answers A Big Question About The Masked Singer's Clue Videos

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The Masked Singer has been a popular primetime series on Fox from the jump, but despite the show heading toward Season 4, viewers are still in the dark about some of the show's secrets. Thankfully contestants like Bella Thorne have been de-mystifying the show's behind-the-scenes processes and giving the inside scoop on what really happens with those clue packages.

Bella Thorne spoke to CinemaBlend's Mike Reyes about her upcoming movie Infamous, and she spoke about her performance as The Swan in The Masked Singer. Specifically, the topic of clue packages. Thorne revealed that the show's participants aren't actually the ones filming those videos audiences see each week.

Am I really the first person that’s gonna break this, and give away this secret? … No, we don’t film the clue packages. ... I think with everybody’s schedules, that’s why they can’t do the packages with everybody. Because everybody’s schedules are already limited, and you’re working in a certain amount of time frame. Of course, they want to keep expanding their audience, as far as guests that compete. And it would be harder to expand your audience, you’d get much fewer people, if you had to add that to the days of filming. It’s already a lot, you’re learning three songs, and you’re dancing to three songs … especially for people that haven’t done it before, and that's a lot of their audience for competing. I think it would be, honestly, too difficult, really, to film the clue packages with people. It would be too time consuming out of these people’s schedules, it'd be too difficult. I feel like I couldn’t have done it if we had to add those onto filming days, because it’s a lot.

It's hard not to agree with Bella Thorne, especially if requiring participants to film their clue packages on top of all the time they already dedicate to the show would lower the talent pool of available celebrities. The Masked Singer has taken pride in bringing bigger stars with each season, so I can certainly understand why it'd work to make the process as low maintenance as possible

It's also possible that in reducing the contestants' filming dates, The Masked Singer can better hide the identities of its competitors. That's no easy task considering all we've heard from past contestants about the lengths they've gone to in order to deny who they were to friends and family. Being on set for elaborate scenes and clues would only increase exposure to other people, and be a miserable experience for the competitor if they had to be in costume the entire shoot.

Considering the contestants are never unmasked in the clue packages and producers come up with the clues for the packages, I can understand why it's not necessary to have celebrities be filmed in their own videos. With that in mind though, perhaps viewers can now dismiss any physical traits about contestants spotted in clue packages, or save their voice pitch shifting technology for the times the competitors are actually on stage.

The Masked Singer is planning to return to Fox for Season 4. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest news happening within the franchise, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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