How The Masked Singer’s Jenny McCarthy Gets ‘Fired Up’ For New Seasons

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I know that fans of The Masked Singer probably feel like they're going through an interminable wait right now after watching Season 3 wrap near the end of May, but the show is coming back to Fox this fall. While there will be some changes afoot for Season 4 as the singing competition tries to keep everyone safe but also attempts to up its creative game for those watching at home, audiences can still expect an exciting season. If you've ever wondered how the judges get ready to guess who's who during those wild performances, Jenny McCarthy has revealed that she has a method to get herself "fired up" for each season.

As dedicated viewers of The Masked Singer know, a large part of the fun of the show is trying to guess which celebrities are hidden under those elaborate (and heavy) costumes as they perform. Instead of simply attempting to guess by the person's voice (seeing as how they may not be recognized for their talent as a singer, anyway), the show puts together clue packages that are supposed to help the audience and judges make their guesses. But, those only make the process easier for some of the judges.

Panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke, along with series executive producer Craig Plestis, recently spoke with Variety after beginning to film Season 4, and Thicke noted that McCarthy seems to have a leg up on most of them when guessing at the performer's identities. McCarthy then revealed her secret, as well as what she does to get her thinking prowess "fired up" to examine all those clues:

I’m interviewing a lot of these people who are on the show. I’m either gossiping about them or I’m interviewing them. So my broadband has more than I want to know about celebrities, to be honest, but it at least comes in handy. Also, I’m addicted to clue things, like mysteries. Before the season starts, except for this season, I used to go to those escape rooms and practice with clues. I want to get my brain fired up.

Well, this actually makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Jenny McCarthy has spent several years of her career now actually interviewing other celebrities for a living. She was a panelist on The View for one season from 2013-2014, and has hosted The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM since 2014, so, as she said, she's learned a lot about celebrities from those interviews which has probably stuck in her mind, and helped her make guesses on The Masked Singer.

While most of us are likely to get carried away with some celebrity gossip from time to time, McCarthy has been able to do some deep dives into the lives of famous people that many folks, especially her fellow Masked Singer judges, haven't had the opportunity to take. But, she revealed another plus that has surely helped her make informed guesses on the show, as she also enjoys a good mystery-filled puzzle.

There are lots of ways to engage that part of your brain if you enjoy turning clues into actual answers, and anything from watching mysteries on TV to filling out a crossword puzzle would work. Jenny McCarthy, though, likes to really put her skills to the test in an even more high pressure environment, and said that one of her favorite ways to boost her clue-solving skills before previous seasons was to go to escape rooms. McCarthy is a very good guesser on The Masked Singer, so it's hard to argue with her process.

The Masked Singer will return this fall, but doesn't have a set premiere date just yet. To see what you can watch in the meantime, be sure to check out our list of this fall's TV debuts.

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