Letterkenny Season 9: 7 Big Questions We Have About The New Season

Dylan Playfair, Andrew Herr, Nathan Dales, K. Trevor Wilson and Tyler Jonhnston on Letterkenny

You’re watching the most recent season of Letterkenny the other dayee and after having a good cry over that heartwarming finale, you find yourself wondering, How is Season 9 going to top that? Naturally, that then leads you to ponder when you might be able to see the next season of the popular Hulu exclusive comedy series at all.

Co-developed by Jared Keeso (who also plays central hick Wayne) and Jacob Tierney (who also directs and stars as Glen), the cult sitcom profiling the lives of a rural Canadian community (which originally debuted on the Canada-based streaming platform Crave, on which it is still available in the Great White North) has been confirmed for Season 9 as of June 2020. The question is when we should be able to expect to see more fighting, chirpin’, and maybe a limerick or two, among plenty more things to speculate over.

To be fair (“Tooooooo beeeeeee faaaaaaaaaairrrrrrrrrrr!”), people who fail to anticipate the upcoming continuation of a popular series with a healthy dose of patience end up just being a poopy-pants about it. Yet, when it comes to a series as clever, funny, and lovably relatable as Letterkenny, we cannot help but ask for the production to pitter patter, as well as a few other burning questions. That being said, when will Season 9 get at ‘er?

Jared Keeso, K. Trevor Wilson, and Nathan Dales on Letterkenny

When Is Letterkenny Season 9 Going Into Production?

As has been the case with most ongoing TV shows and upcoming movies in 2020, your guess is as good as ours regarding when the cameras will roll on the new season as production continues to endure a Covid-19 related pause. To add fuel to the fire, back in March, the Letterkenny crew cancelled the remainder of its North American tour of live shows until further notice for the same reason. Hulu and the rest behind the series have remained relatively silent about the issue and we suggest you’ll just have to let that one marinate until confirmation of Season 9 back in production is announced.

The cast of Letterkenny

When Will Season 9 Of Letterkenny Premiere?

Considering production of the ninth season itself remains up in the air, the date of its official premiere on Hulu (and on Crave in Canada, respectively) is yet another certainty we do not have at the moment. While we could expect Letterkenny to return in the Fall of 2021, we could assume the same for many series without knowing for sure. Fortunately, we have more questions that are relatively easier to speculate over.

Michelle Mylett and Jared Keeso on Letterkenny

How Many Episodes Will Letterkenny Season 9 Have?

Going off of the last couple seasons of Letterkenny, we might be expected to see seven more episodes for Season 9. This was a change from the typical collection of six episodes each before Hulu officially acquired American distribution rights in early 2019. These would often be followed by an unofficial seventh episode between seasons in the form of a holiday special, which leads us to our next question…

K. Trevor Wilson on Letterkenny

Will There Be A New Holiday Special?

Since the release of “St. Perfect’s Day” between the second and third season, Letterkenny has put out five holiday-themed episodes, the last being “Valentime’s Day” after Season 6. Considering we were not treated with a special between the seventh and eight seasons, we would hope that Season 9 could reignite that tradition with an episode that shows us how the Hicks like to celebrate New Year’s Eve or Thanksgiving, which are among the few major holidays nationally recognized in Canada that they have yet to touch. Heck, even if the next special delves into a holiday American audiences won’t know squat about, we would still be game.

Clark Backo and Jared Keeso on Letterkenny

Is Clark Backo Coming Back As Rosie?

It was a treat to see Clark Backo, also known for her guest spot on The Handmaid’s Tale and recurring role on Supernatural, return for Letterkenny’s eighth season as Rosie, who reignited her and Wayne’s romance following their awkward Season 3 breakup. This was especially satisfying after Wayne’s doubly devastating end with the unfaithful Marie-Fred (Magalie Lépine Blondeau) in Season 7. Since we have no evidence to support the contrary from the events of Season 8 or in the news, we only hope that we will see more of Backo and, in turn, more of Wayne and Rosie as an item.

Tyler Hynes on Letterkenny

Is Tyler Hynes Coming Back As Dierks?

One person whom we would not mind seeing less of in Season 9 of Letterkenny is Dierks, played by Tyler Hynes (who had previously appeared on Star Trek: Discovery), who was revealed to be two-timing Katy (Michelle Mylett) at the conclusion of the Season 8 finale. On the other hand, it would be pretty nice to see the outcome of that epic cliffhanger, in which the bulk of the main cast rushed toward the cheater with clenched fists and vengeful eyes. However, like Clark Backo, Hynes’ inclusion in the new season is currently unconfirmed.

Jared Keeso, K. Trevor Wilson, Michelle Mylett, and Nathan Dales on Letterkenny

Can We Expect A Season 10 Of Letterkenny Soon After Season 9?

With Letterkenny releasing two seasons per year since its 2016 debut, it would not be out of left field to assume that a tenth season would be close to follow Season 9, supposedly in the winter of 2021. Of course, that would mean that the ninth season would drop in the preceding fall and, well, that is just another thing we cannot be certain about either. On top of that, Season 10 has yet to be confirmed anyway, so why don’t we take about 10 percent off there for the time being?

What do you think? Are there any more mysteries you are dying to learn over the upcoming ninth season of Letterkenny or can you at least be happy that you have enough time binge the first eight season all over again before its return. Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for additional information and updates on the bizarre hit comedy, as well as even more questions about the new seasons of your favorite TV shows, here on CinemaBlend.

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