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Big Brother Spoilers: Who is Nominated, And Who Is The Target In Week 7

Big Brother All-Stars CBS memphis garrett

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds as of Friday, September 18. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother All-Stars crowned Memphis Garrett as the Week 7 Head of Household, and fans may have let out a collective sigh. The Committee has now won 6/7 Head of Household competitions, and that means another predictable week of nominations. With that said there has been an air of mystery this week, and while the nominations were predictable, the target and outcome are not.

Memphis Garrett has something cooking, though at the moment it's hard to say exactly what. Let's get into the nominations, and try to talk out exactly who the target is in this upcoming week.

Da'Vonne Rogers

Da'Vonne Rogers was thrown up on the block in a move that took her by surprise. It may be slightly surprising to some Big Brother All-Stars live feed viewers too because Memphis Garrett had mentioned earlier in the day that he's a fan of Da'Vonne. This was a spot many would've assumed David Alexander would be in, but Memphis offered him safety from nomination provided he doesn't use the veto if he gets it.

Memphis said Da'Vonne went up on the block because of her Veto win the week prior, which she then used to take Kevin Campbell down from the block. Memphis made the excuse that that was when he saw the pair were together, and that they needed to be on the block together to be broken up. Of course, that's not the real reason, but it is an excuse that doesn't reveal to the few people left in the house not in the know that there's a massive alliance.

Kevin Campbell Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Kevin Campbell

For the fourth time in Big Brother All-Stars, Kevin Campbell has found himself on the block. There was speculation at the start of the game that Kevin would be a frequent presence on the block to take out other targets, and for the moment that has held true.

With that said, Kevin did survive the week prior when he was the actual target thanks to Da'Vonne Rogers, which is apparently why he's back in this position. Now he's back to fighting for his life on the block, though unfortunately, it's going to be against the person he's been closest to in the house this entire season.

David Alexander Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Who Is The Target?

On the surface, this looks like a standard nomination that The Committee talked out well in advance, and it may be just that. The weird part is that Memphis Garrett refused to share his plan for the Head of Household with anyone in the alliance ahead of nominations and then ended up picking the people they all had hoped and expected he would. Memphis has also said he'd like to have conversations with everyone after the veto competition, so what's that about?

It would seem Memphis has a contingency plan to backdoor a houseguest, but who? The popular speculation in the house this week I'm assuming will be David Alexander, and given the two's history, it makes sense. With that said Memphis offered David immunity from nomination, in exchange for David not using the veto should he win it this week and have a chance to take either off the block. Why would he do that?

My theory is that if David Alexander wins the veto, Memphis would prefer the house decide between Da'Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell. That said, the odds are high that someone in The Committee wins this veto, which means there are good odds that the veto could be used to throw David on the block. That, in my mind, would be the only reason Memphis wants to have conversations after the veto and has asked David to promise he won't use the veto if he wins. He may also just not want another nominee on the block with the numbers dwindling and to tip the cards to his master plan. We can only wait and see!

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