CBS' Big Brother Finally Has Plans To Stop Fans From Yelling To Houseguests Over The Wall

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Big Brother All-Stars was thought to be a dream come true at the time of its announcement, but unfortunately, the expectation has not matched up with reality. Fans hoping for high intensity and dramatic gameplay have seen quite the opposite, and so far, Season 22 feels like the last few lackluster seasons with more familiar faces. The mounting frustration with the season has encouraged some to start yelling game information to oblivious houseguests in the house's backyard, but those days may soon come to an end.

After a few known lockdowns due to fans using bullhorns and other devices to shout game secrets to players, Big Brother All-Stars is taking action. CBS has hired a private security firm to monitor the area surrounding the house, a task it originally entrusted the Los Angeles Police Department with handling. The assumption is that by hiring a private firm, it will be much harder for fans to attempt to interfere with the game.

The news comes from TMZ, which reported that security had to chase off a man who attempted to scale the studio fence. It was also reported that the people who have been accused of "wall yelling" so far are not younger fans, but apparently folks who appear to be in their 40s. A weird detail to allege about the information, but worth mentioning all the same.

Big Brother All-Stars live feed viewers are aware of at least two confirmed instances where wall yellers have gotten messages to guests, but it seems like there may have been more. There have been rumors of another wall yeller who didn't seem to be heard by the house, a banner that was flown over the house, and apparently a drone scare that sent the house into another lockdown. When the houseguests are on lockdown, they lose access to the yard and are sometimes separated so they aren't able to effectively discuss the event or what happened. Houseguests are discouraged from discussing the events but often sneak in talks occasionally, before CBS cuts the feeds.

Wall yellers aren't exactly a new thing in Big Brother, but there have been quite a few more attempts to influence the game this season than in the past. I think part of that is attributed to this being an all-star season, which means a chunk of this cast had sizable and loyal fandoms heading into the game. People want to see these players do well, but, perhaps more importantly, see other players fail.

Then there are some who simply want the game to be more entertaining than the slow and predictable path it has been on so far, which is understandable. With that said, wall yelling isn't really in the spirit of the game, and can sometimes have a less than the desired effect. Right now the biggest downside is the live feeds being cut for long hours, likely in an effort to dissuade fans from further interference.

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