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One of the things that Paris Hilton is famous for is co-starring in the 2000s reality show, The Simple Life. The series initially aired on Fox before moving to the home of Keeping Up with the Kardashians -- E!. So it may not surprise you that Hilton gets asked to join reality shows quite often, but how much does she actually field offers, though? Well, Hilton has revealed the answer.

Kim Kardashian West’s good friend, Paris Hilton, has been out promoting her new YouTube documentary, This Is Paris, in a full-court press of sorts. Hilton continued her media appearances by being a guest on E!’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. While there, Cohen suggested that Hilton more than likely gotten a lot of reality show offers. With this, Hilton replied:

Every single day we get different calls from people pitching shows, and I always say no. I'm too focused on my business. I don't have time for that. . . . When they call me with something, I always just say I don't have time.

When it comes to doing more reality television, Paris Hilton has had to say “no,” and often. Hilton revealed that her reason for rejecting inquiries is a lack of time. In a nutshell, Hilton would prefer to focus on her businesses. Interestingly, Hilton recently weighed in on the Kardashian-Jenner family’s decision to end their show after 20 seasons.

At this point, it is pretty apparent that Paris Hilton has no plans to ever return to reality television. The starlet's tenure in the genre finished up in an on-air capacity in the summer of 2007, with the release of The Simple Life’s fifth and final season. It reunited Hilton with her original co-star and good friend, Nicole Richie, who made the show to me.

Unlike Hilton, Nicole Richie has continued her television career. That said, it did not keep an established reality series from wanting Hilton to star in it. You may have heard of it -- The Hills. Yes, that MTV reality series and, apparently, there's been more than one attempt, according to Hilton. On the offer, she said:

Yes, I did say no to it a ton of times. . . . No, [I wasn’t in it], but they wanted me both times, and I said no. [Laughs.]

There you have it. Paris Hilton says that she turned down The Hills’ pursuit of her, a lot. Is this why Mischa Barton ended up getting recruited to star in the show’s revival season? Barton wasn't one of the original cast of characters to return to The Hills, rather a new one. Among those, I was unaware that Hilton was one of the celebrities that was contacted to potentially join the show.

Hearing that The Hills made multiple attempts to get Paris Hilton on board is, to me, pretty surprising. Yet I would have to imagine that the MTV reality show is not the only one who has tried to get Hilton. Dancing with the Stars (which Mischa Barton was also on) had to have attempted to get her on the dance floor, am I right?

It is worth noting that Paris Hilton’s aunt, Kyle Richards, does star in a reality show, which Hilton has made appearances on a few times. That show is none other than Andy Cohen’s Real Housewives franchise. Richards has starred on the show since the beginning, recently sharing the screen with Denise Richards. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like Hilton will once again our screens as a reality TV star anytime soon.

You can currently stream This Is Paris on YouTube (for free). The Paris Hilton documentary is one of the many new things you can watch as you anticipate this fall’s premieres.

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