Why Cobra Kai's Johnny Lawrence Is Still Hung Up Over A Certain Character, According To William Zabka

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Cobra Kai's Johnny is still hung up over a certain character, and William Zabka has teased why. Cobra Kai saw Johnny struggle, overcome, and struggle again during its first two seasons, as you can see on Netflix. There was one relationship that Johnny reflected on and wrestled with throughout Cobra Kai, and I am not talking about Johnny’s ongoing rivalry with Daniel LaRusso.

William Zabka has teased that to get to the root of who Johnny is, you must understand that Ali is a huge part of his inner pain. As Cobra Kai illustrated in its first two seasons and will possibly explore in Season 3, Johnny has unresolved feelings for his high school sweetheart, Ali. Yes, Elisabeth Shue’s character from the original Karate Kid movie, as William Zabka told ComicBook.com:

Well, nothing is as it seems, I can tell you that. Listen, for the character of Johnny, Ali, I've been saying this for the last two seasons, she's a big missing piece of his life. She's the love that got away and in some form would love to reconnect. But the show is full of surprises.

As fans know, Cobra Kai finds Johnny Lawrence years away from his high school breakup with Ali. To Johnny’s somewhat understandable relief, she did not end up with Daniel LaRusso either. Cobra Kai picks up with both characters decades after their respective relationships with the high school cheerleader. Daniel is married to Amanda LaRusso and happy. On the other hand, Johnny’s post-Ali love life has not been as happy.

The Ali issue saw Daniel and Johnny take a break from fighting and bond over their ill-fated relationships with her in Season 2. They ended up perusing her Facebook profile/page together and sharing their thoughts on Ali’s husband (Dr. Gregory Schwarber). Later on, Johnny checked out Ali on Facebook and accidentally left her a friendship request, which she accepted in Cobra Kai’s cliffhanger-crazy Season 2 finale.

Will Johnny get his chance to reconnect with Ali and finally put to rest any lingering feelings he had over their split? I sure hope so. For one, Ali is married now. Plus, Johnny has a terrific love interest in Miguel’s mom, Carmen. The big question is if Elisabeth Shue could reprise her role from the Karate Kid movie for Cobra Kai? The show has indicated there is the capacity for many returns.

Elisabeth Shue or not, Cobra Kai has found an innovative way to resolve the Ali issue by using Facebook. Johnny could resolve his issues with her by chatting with her online. Hopefully, concluding that he needs to seize the day, be with Carmen, and let go of Ali, once and for all.

Johnny is growing and maturing as a person, so viewers will have to wait and see what happens. Check out the first two Ali-less (in present day, anyway) seasons of Cobra Kai streaming on Netflix. The show is one of 2020’s new arrivals on the streamer. Season 3 is slated to arrive for a 2021 release date, so well after this fall’s premieres.

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