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Christina Anstead Back And Filming Flip Or Flop With Ex Following Split With Ant Anstead

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It’s only been a few days since Christina Anstead’s split from her husband of two years Ant Anstead, but the Flip or Flop star has been busy. First, her daughter's birthday came along shortly after the announcement and now it looks as if right after that she had to get back to work. News broke this week that she and her ex Tarek El Moussa have been filming their HGTV series together following her break-up announcement.

Just a few short days after Christina Anstead made social media aware that she would be getting divorced a second time, she also went back to work on Flip or Flop, per a report from People. Filming together isn’t a big surprise, as Christina Anstead and Tarek El Moussa had committed to continue working together on their reality TV show when they called their marriage quits back in 2016 (their divorce was finalized in 2018).

Still, I can’t imagine making the painful decision to split up with your current partner and then immediately having to hop back into work with your former husband, no matter how well the two now get along. Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead make a good house flipping and TV team, but neither are above poking fun at one another about each others’ personalities and even the fact they are divorced, so getting back to set was probably pretty interesting. I'd also imagine the show will need to at least mention Christina and Ant's split, though that has not been confirmed at this juncture. Regardless of what's going on in Anstead's personal life, it seems the [HGTV] show must go on.

Flip or Flop was renewed for Season 9 back in December of last year. It was initially anticipated to have a summer of 2020 premiere, but obviously a lot of stuff on the TV schedule has been shuffled around this year. Christina Anstead actually took to social media a couple of weeks ago to confirm the show had not been pushed back that far and will now premiere in October of 2020 rather than August, as had been expected. If 2020 had played out normally, Season 9 may have already filmed, but now Christina Anstead may have the chance to share her truth more in depth on TV, should she want that for Flip or Flop. Anstead also has a more intimate HGTV show Christina on the Coast, which tends to focus more on her personal life and may be a better fit for this story, as well.

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Christina and Ant Anstead are not the first couple to see their relationship break down during 2020, but they have been a little more open than some couples about their struggles through 2020. Ant Anstead even took a break from social media earlier in August after saying he was dealing with some issues in the social distancing era we currently live in.

Meanwhile, while Flip or Flop Season 9 continues filming, Tarek El Moussa also has a lot going on in his personal life. He’s been dating Selling Sunset’s Heather Rae Young for a while and the couple recently got engaged. Now, he’ll even be on the Netflix show after its next batch of episodes hit. It’s a busy time for the former couple and I’m not sure navigating the world as exes on TV is something everyone could do, but given the show managed a Season 9 renewal, it seems like at least that one aspect of Christina Anstead’s life is going great.

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