Why Tarek El Moussa Can Now Appear On Heather Rae Young's Netflix Show Selling Sunset

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America loves a real-estate show, and while home renovation series are a dime a dozen nowadays, many of us have become even more fond of reality shows that focus on those who sell high end homes around the country. Selling Sunset is one such series, and the Netflix hit has become known for showing off the glitzy, glamorous, and sometimes messy lives of its real estate agents just as much as the fancy mansions they sell. Well, star Heather Rae Young's personal storyline sounds like it will get a boost if there's a Season 4, because her fiancé, Flipping 101's Tarek El Moussa, will be able to appear, and now we know why.

If you've checked out both Selling Sunset and Flipping 101, you'll know that the shows appear in totally different places, with Selling Sunset calling streaming king Netflix home and Flipping 101 giving Tarek El Moussa another series on HGTV. As such, even though there are camera crews following El Moussa and his new wife-to-be, Heather Rae Young, for their own shows, they weren't allowed to appear on each other's series. But, that's now changed, as Young explained to BuzzFeed that she filmed an episode of Flipping 101, which ended up being her engagement to El Moussa. Because of that, fans can now expect to see some crossover:

Because they got to film the engagement, Netflix and HGTV came to an agreement that Tarek is allowed to film an episode with me next season. . . . I'm so excited to have him on camera with me and film with him. We have so much fun together, and we love filming together.

Well, it would seem that El Moussa's July 25 proposal to Young meant a lot more than just helping to solidify their relationship even further. We know that reality show producers love nothing more than big ups and downs in the lives of their cast, so there was no way that Selling Sunset and Flipping 101 were both going to miss filming that major moment. According to Young, HGTV filmed and will be featuring that joyous occasion, so it makes sense that Netflix and HGTV would come to an agreement about having the couple appear on each other's shows, previous network / streaming restrictions be damned.

El Moussa, of course, was famously married to his Flip or Flop co-star Christina Anstead and we spent several seasons watching them juggle their growing family and home renovation business. But, the couple split in late 2016, while continuing to work together for the long-running series, even as they moved on in their personal lives and got their own spinoff renovation shows. Flip or Flop has now been going strong for nine seasons, so you know that viewers are invested in El Moussa and Anstead and what happens for them once the flipping is done for the day.

It's easy to see why HGTV wouldn't want to totally miss out on any big developments in El Moussa's love life, especially since it will impact both his work and his time with his kids as he continues to work on his own shows. And, I can imagine that once Netflix and the home renovation-focused network entered into negotiations about which series could show what, all parties figured some equal time would be the best solution.

Two big focuses for Season 3 of Selling Sunset have been based around Christine Quinn planning her wedding, as Chrishell Stause had to deal with her dramatic (and seemingly sudden) public breakup from husband Justin Hartley, who stars on the NBC hit This Is Us. So, having a happy and newly engaged Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young show up on Selling Sunset should be a nice break from the drama. Even though, you know, the show will certainly get back to the drama soon enough.

Right now, Season 4 of Selling Sunset hasn't been confirmed at Netflix, but you can revisit all three previous seasons on the streamer right now. Flipping 101 will be back for Season 2 some time next year, but the special episode with Heather Rae Young will debut soon as a part of an extended Season 1, with those episodes beginning to air on September 17 at 9 p.m. EST. For more on what to watch in the coming weeks, check out our guide to fall TV!

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