Flip Or Flop Vet Christina Anstead's New Show To Feature Love Life After Tarek El Moussa

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Flip or Flop has come a long way from the days when it featured Tarek El Moussa and Christina El Moussa as a couple. It’s amazing the show and the former couple’s working relationship survived the divorce, but here we are. Now, Christina Anstead, formerly El Moussa, says that we’ll be getting a more in depth look at her personal life with her new show Christina on the Coast, including behind-the-scenes info about her 2018 wedding. She said:

You’re getting really high design, but you’re also getting a glimpse of my personal life, for example, the engagement, the nutrition book I’m writing. Yeah, he’s in it — the engagement, the wedding, the whole thing.

Christina on the Coast is expected to star Christina Anstead and feature her new husband Ant Anstead. The couple was married back in December in a secret ceremony, but now fans will be able to see the event unfold on television. Well, we’ll get to see more of it shared, as we have been given plenty of glimpses at the nuptials, like with this video.

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In addition, Christina Anstead has also given fans a good look at her dress while gushing about how 12.22.18 was a really big day for the reality star and their four combined kids over on Instagram.

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So, if you are as interested in Christina’s life as you are into her design, you should have a lot to look forward to over at HGTV.

While Christina on the Coast is not a tried and true HGTV property yet—it doesn’t even officially have a release date yet—we’ll still be seeing a lot more of Christina Anstead and Tarek El Moussa in the future. Flip or Flop was renewed for Season 8 about six months ago. So, we’ll get to see more of the designs we’ve come to know and love.

Christina Anstead talked a little about how that Flip or Flop relationship is going elsewhere in her interview with ET, noting,

Just like everything, it takes time, and it takes respecting each other’s boundaries and showing up to a work in a good mood. We’re still there to make a great show and do our job and we go really lucky ‘cause we have an amazing crew that we work with. That really does a great job of just keeping it super light and fun on set. Luckily we both just love what we do, so that part came easy.

So, there you have it. All parties involved have moved on, although Tarek El Moussa has not remarried yet. We’ll be getting new Flip or Flop and Christina on the Coast in 2019. Life is groovy over at HGTV, not counting the fact that Fixer Upper is kaput.

We’ll let you know as soon as both shows get official premiere dates. For now, check out what’s coming at midseason with CinemaBlend’s full schedule.

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