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Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won The Veto In Week 8, And Will It Be Used?

Dr. Will Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars live feeds as of Saturday, September 26. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother All-Stars Week 8 kicked off with Cody Calafiore stepping out of the shadows and into his second week as Head of Household, though some would argue every week has been his HOH rule. The Committee's reign in the house continued in Week 8 and, because of that, David Alexander and Kevin Campbell ended up on the block.

Cody has a clear preference on which one he'd rather see go, but did the veto alter his plans? Here's who won the upcoming famous OTEV competition and what it may mean for the week ahead.

Nicole Franzel Cody Calafiore Big Brother All-Stars CBS

And The Winner Is...

Cody Calafiore wasn't playing games this week and became the second third Head of Household this season to win both their HOH and veto in the same week. From a game perspective it's another notch in Cody's belt and more evidence he could argue in the late stages that he's done more in the game for The Committee than others. Of course, most Big Brother All-Stars viewers know that considering he's decided every nomination from the game's start, but comp wins always help.

The most interesting chatter from the live feeds regarding this win is that it sounds like Cody could've been eliminated from OTEV early, had David Alexander not gone for a 10k prize instead. The move could have an impact on the week though, as of this writing, it's hard to say exactly what.

David Alexander Big Brother All-Stars CBS

David's Money Grab Not Going Over Well In The House

As mentioned, Cody Calafiore could've been eliminated from OTEV early but, apparently, David Alexander opted for a $10k prize over advancement in the round. The move was frowned upon by the house, mostly by Dani Briones, Nicole Franzel, and Memphis Garrett. They're upset that David took the money over safety, especially when he's up for eviction this week.

At first, they thought it was just another "rookie" move by David until the second possibility snuck in. That being said, David Alexander had inside information that Kevin Campbell is the true target this week and that he felt secure enough to not press to hard to win the veto. Essentially, David knew something they didn't know he was aware of, which could be bad news for them in the coming weeks.

There's going to be a push by Dani Briones and Memphis Garrett to get the house to go against Cody Calafiore's target now, but I don't see it being significant enough at this stage to get David Alexander out of the house. Kevin Campbell is still dangerous enough to people's games that he's prioritized on the exit, but David may have moved himself up to the next biggest target in the coming week with that move.

Da'Vonne Rogers Kevin Campbell Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Will Cody Calafiore Use The Power Of Veto?

Usually, when a Head of Household wins the Power of Veto, they don't have much reason to change the nominations. That seems to be the story for Cody Calafiore, who at this point, would only damage his position in the house rushing into an alternate plan as opposed to staying the course. That said Cody had toyed with the idea of backdooring Christmas Abbott in an attempt to weaken the second Wise Guys alliance of Memphis Garrett, so don't be surprised if that gets talked about this week.

Really though, my motto of Big Brother All-Stars so far has been, "If it seems like an exciting and unexpected game move, don't expect it." Kevin Campbell already looks like he finally has a foot out the door ahead of the veto, so really the most surprising thing I see happening is that the votes get flipped and David Alexander gets sent home. Not exactly likely at this stage but certainly more likely than Cody using the veto to backdoor Christmas.

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