Christina Anstead Ex Ant Explains Why He 'Remained Silent' On Divorce From HGTV Star

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For the second time in the past few years, HGTV star Christina Anstead is going through a highly publicized break-up. The Flip or Flop co-host recently separated from current husband Ant Anstead, and divorce proceedings are likely imminent. And though she has publicly remarked on the split, the UK-born TV presenter has been keeping a tight lip about the situation, and spoke out about why he'd initially maintained his silence.

Ant Anstead took to social media with a picture of himself and Christina, and explained that his lack of input so far stems from both his innate sense of privacy and perhaps blind faith that they would find a way to get back together. Here's how he put it on Instagram:

Anyone who really knows me knows that I don’t like to share private matters publicly. I have remained silent while holding on to hope. I never gave up on us. I pray Christina’s decision brings her happiness.

Ant Anstead's ongoing show of hope seems to run counter to how Christina Anstead angled the break-up when she first dropped that reveal on fans. At the time, she stated that they had both made the difficult decision to separate from one another, but it does sound like she had a bit more invested in that decision than he did.

Of course, even if he wasn't hypothetically still pining away for Christina, Ant Anstead may very well have wanted to maintain his silence due to the overwhelming majority of people who share every kind of opinion possible on social media and other online forums. For instance, Anstead took to Instagram to celebrate having a "Beautiful Boyz Weekend" with their one-year-old son Hudson, but he later had to curtail comments on the post, and explained his reasoning in the pic's edited caption, which read:

This was a father son moment! But due to some mean people I have turned comments OFF! While we both appreciate words of support, Please stop trying to diagnose from afar. It’s not fair. Christina is fine. I am fine. And we remain good friends and will navigate this at our pace. Compassion and kindness is all that’s needed.

That sentiment sounds a lot more accepting of the situation, in that Ant Anstead's language is more clear about separating himself from Christina. Regardless, it seems clear that the former couple's respective and combined fanbases have been quick to play armchair marriage counselor when it isn't welcomed or appreciated.

Ant Anstead's 16-year-old daughter Amelie and 14-year-old son Archie both live in the U.K. with their mother Louise Herbert. He'd previously been unable to visit with them due to COVID-related travel limitations, but was able to make that trip in August. He and Christina share the one child, Hudson, while she has a 10-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son with Flip or Flop co-host and ex-husband Tarek El Moussa, with whom she has remained cordial since their own divorce.

You can check out Ant Anstead's father-son post below.

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