How The Boys' Love Sausage Scene Was Meant To Be Even More Graphic

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(Image credit: amazon press)
(Image credit: amazon press)

So far in Season 2, The Boys has given fans a lot of scenes and visuals that no other show would have delivered. Celebrity funeral for an invisible superhero, complete with a glass coffin and heart-clutching ballad? Check. Antony Starr's Homelander getting freaky with himself? Check. Black Noir ripping someone's face in half? Okay, that one is necessarily specific to The Boys, but it still counts. Episode 6 took things up a notch – or should I say "crotch" – with the semi-introduction of fan-favorite comic hero Love Sausage, and apparently the scene we got wasn't quite as graphic as it could have been.

The scene in question featured Love Sausage's key appendage – yes, it's exactly what you think – growing long enough to wrap itself around Mother's Milk's neck and choke him anaconda-style. Star Laz Alonzo amusingly claimed that he thinks co-star Karl Urban set him up for that disturbing sequence, and Tomer "Frenchie" Capon shared one moment that couldn't make the final cut that would have made for a bitingly proper conclusion. Here's how he put it to TVLine:

My beautiful friend Laz Alonzo, who plays Mother’s Milk, he always has new ideas for his friend Frenchie. Laz came into the trailer one day, and me and Karl [Urban] read Episode 6, and we asked Laz if he read Episode 6 and does he know about the fight scene with the large whatever, and Laz thought we were kidding him. He thought it’s a joke. He thought we were pranking him. He only read his lines, and then he went back and read it and came back to the trailer, and he was choking from, already in the makeup trailer before the scene, just from knowing what he’s going to do. On the set, I was very emotional, and Laz took advantage of it. He said, ‘Well, if I’m fighting this thing around my neck, I need someone to help me,’ and he pitched it our director, he said, ‘Maybe Frenchie can bite it off.’ [Laughs] And I was so emotional after my scene that I’m like, ‘I’ll do anything for my friend. Anything!’ and I just went for it. The problem is I tore it apart, and they couldn’t use the footage.

So yes, Mother's Milk was very nearly saved from being strangled by Frenchie taking a bite out of Love Sausage's titular limb. (Yes, this one counts as a full limb.) The idea is enough to give me a panicked set of goosebumps, that's for sure. But at least Shawn Ashmore's Lamplighter didn't set it on fire, I suppose.

Unfortunately (or not), Frenchie's emotional state was such that Tomer Capon apparently got too overzealous with the improvised plan, and his teeth tore through the physical prosthetic being used as Love Sausage's manhood. Because there was only one version of the penis puppet, Frenchie's helpful-in-theory moment ended up on the circumcising room floor.

Showrunner Eric Kripke explained to EW how the creative team went about crafting Love Sausage's meat-log, saying:

[We made] an actual 10-foot animatronic dick puppet like a tentacle in an old '50s movie [and added CGI]. We're in these long meetings where these craftsmen and experts are asking me about the amount of veins. 'How many veins should it have?' We spent 20 minutes on should it be circumcised. We arrived at, no, it should not be, but I get paid to have these conversations.

If only they'd used some kind of material that could have stood up to Tomer Capon's teeth. But then that might have been weird for the actor to feel like he's biting into an actual penis. Hey, though, it's The Boys! So if any show on TV is going to make an actor feel like that, it's damned sure going to be this one.

The Boys Season 2 drops new episodes on Amazon Prime Video on Fridays, and though there aren't many eps left to go, fans will get to soon see John Noble popping by as Billy Butcher's father, so that's something. In the meantime, stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more info, and head to our Fall TV 2020 premiere schedule to see when new and returning shows will pop up on the small screen.

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