Why Big Brother’s Move To Monday Nights Has Already Been Delayed At CBS

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UPDATE: After this story was posted, CBS revealed on Twitter that it was altering its Monday night lineup so that Big Brother fans would not be missing the show on its new night. Rather than airing during its normal time slot, however, Big Brother All-Stars will now air immediately following the delayed NFL game between the Patriots and the Chiefs, with One Day at a Time's network debut and Manhunt: Deadly Games' latest episode both getting pushed back to October 12. The tweet announcement is below.

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What follows is the original story as it was written.

Big Brother All-Stars has entered the back half of its game, but it looks like the television audience may have to wait to see the first episode after its Triple Eviction episode. The reality series was originally scheduled to air on Monday, October 4 at 8:00 p.m. ET, and show the Head of Household that followed the eviction. Now, those plans are up in the air, after a scheduling change that happened in the NFL.

The New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs were originally scheduled to play Sunday afternoon, but the game was postponed after Patriots quarterback Cam Newton was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Saturday. The rest of the Patriots team has undergone consecutive testing in the time since, and the game was postponed as a precaution. The new date for the game is Monday, October 5, with coverage starting at 7:00 p.m. ET and will run throughout the length of Big Brother All-Stars' normal timeslot.

As for what this means for Big Brother All-Stars remains to be seen. CBS is airing NCIS and FBI re-runs Tuesday, October 6, so it seems like one of those slots could be given to Big Brother's new episode. The show already airs on Wednesday and Thursday, so one would imagine the episode will need to air before then to keep the series on schedule.

Another option is that Big Brother All-Stars doesn't televise the Week 9 Head of Household episode and instead, releases it on its streaming service -- CBS All Access. The move would be somewhat controversial considering viewers would need a subscription to watch the episode, in which the results of which are already known.

It's also a possibility that since the episode had its time slot taken and Big Brother All-Stars is on a schedule, the events of that episode could be condensed into the "previously" segment on Wednesday's episode. It wouldn't be an ideal situation but, with Big Brother needing to stay on pace to finish out its season in a timely matter, it may be necessary.

Big Brother All-Stars was moved from Sundays in part to accommodate the NFL already but also because CBS began airing movies in primetime. The ironic twist of fate seems to be on par with Big Brother All-Stars so far, which has already struggled with not living up to fans' expectations, controversy, and delays that almost resulted in the season not happening at all. This delay may just go down as another story to add to the odd 2020 season of Big Brother and perhaps an argument as to why it may have been best not to do a season at all.

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