Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won The Veto In Week 9, And Will It Be Used?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars live feeds as of Saturday, October 3. Read at your own risk!

The time for sitting back and laying low is over in Big Brother All-Stars, and that has been especially evident in the past week. Memphis Garrett and Tyler Crispen snagged another Head of Household during the Triple Eviction, and the week rounded out with Cody Calafiore securing his third HOH of the season. The time for making moves is here and, now, one is being pushed for the upcoming veto ceremony.

For those who need catching up, Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott are on the block. A veto win would've secured their safety and forced the remaining players to face some uncomfortable decisions in light of a replacement nomination. Here's who won the veto and what it may mean as we move into the Final 5 of Big Brother All-Stars.

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And The Winner Is...

Cody Calafiore is done laying low, which meant yet another strong competitive performance from him. He captured this week's veto, and the ball is officially in his court on what to do in light of the slew of information he's received since last Thursday. Specifically, he was interested in knowing why Nicole Franzel was almost voted out over David Alexander and who orchestrated that plan that almost blindsided his Final 2 ally.

It's been clear since that night that Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott were the ones who tried to flip and, if it weren't for Enzo Palumbo, it might've worked. It was a big reason why Cody Calafiore chose the two as nominees and, now with the veto in his hands, their actions may determine which is the one that stays.

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Which Betrayal Is The Biggest Betrayal To Cody?

Right now, both Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott are trying to shift the blame on which one came up with the plan to save David Alexander. Frankly, there was a lot of feed downtime ahead of that, so I can't say for sure who's actual plan it was. With that said, we've seen David a lot closer with Tyler than Christmas, and this level of deception felt more in line with Tyler's gameplay than it ever did Christmas. Additionally, if it was Christmas' plan to save David, then why wouldn't she use the veto to save him when she had the chance?

Right now, the house seems more convinced that it was Tyler who made the call, which ultimately failed when Enzo stuck with Cody's plan. Now, it's looking like Tyler may go home because of that, but that's only the current feeling in the house right now. Things have been bouncing back and forth quite a bit this week and, before it was Tyler, the plan was for Christmas Abbott to go home.

The logic here is that Christmas is part of Memphis Garrett's dual-alliance "The Wise Guys," which has two separate incarnations. The first consists of Memphis, Enzo Palumbo, and Christmas Abbott, with the other being Memphis, Enzo, and Cody Calafiore. Enzo told Cody about the other Wise Guys, and the two planned for Christmas to be chopped this week, in an effort to weaken Memphis. In doing so, Memphis would have to commit to their Final 3 alliance, and it would ensure all 3 men stand a good chance of making it to the end.

The biggest problem in getting the votes to get rid of Christmas is that Cody Calafiore may not have them. Enzo Palumbo is in on saving Tyler but, obviously, Memphis Garrett wants to protect his other alliance member. Then you have Nicole Franzel, who has an axe to grind against Tyler after she and Dani Briones were nominated on Triple Eviction night. That puts the votes at 2-1 against Tyler, which means he's going home whether that's what Cody wants or not.

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Will Cody Calafiore Use The Power Of Veto?

This may be the most important game move Cody Calafiore makes in Big Brother All-Stars. If Christmas Abbott is no longer the house's agreed-upon target, he needs to make a decision. Tyler Crispen leaving means he's not available to compete as HOH, and will really need to rely on Nicole Franzel to win Head of Household to be completely safe. Nicole Franzel has not won a single competition in Big Brother All-Stars, so suffice to say the odds of Nicole winning are slim.

This creates a scenario in which Memphis Garrett, Enzo Palumbo, and Christmas Abbott can get the Head of Household and put Nicole Franzel and Cody Calafiore up on the block. Of course, Memphis and Enzo will tell Cody it's to maintain the illusion the other Wise Guys is a valid alliance, which works because Christmas is not yet aware there's another Wise Guys alliance. Once both are on the block, it would be crazy if no one even considers sending Cody to the jury house.

Does Cody trust he can save himself next week if he's on the block, or does he try and save Tyler in an effort to divert Memphis and Enzo's attention another week? Doing so may mean he has to clip Nicole Franzel or put Memphis or Enzo up as a renomination that would likely send Christmas home. It would be a risky move to burn his alliance like that but, if there were ever a time for big moves, it's now.

Cody hasn't discussed using his veto to save Tyler and, while I'm discussing why it may important for him to do so, I don't see him doing it. Cody has a solid comp record in the past couple weeks so it's not crazy to think he'd secure a veto win if he had to. And really, saving Tyler doesn't necessarily guarantee his safety, as Dani Briones proved after she pulled strings to save him a few weeks back.

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