American Idol Contestant's Baby Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

Alex and Casey Goode

The COVID-19 pandemic has been with us for the vast majority of 2020, and it has unfortunately shaken up our lives in ways we could have never imagined. Many around the world are still feeling its effects, as people or their loved ones are being diagnosed with the virus. American Idol alum Casey Goode is sadly dealing with this now after her infant son was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Casey Goode, who competed on Season 8 of American Idol, revealed on Instagram that her son, Max, tested positive for COVID-19 this past Saturday. Goode explained that she and husband Alex initially took him to the emergency room when he began to run a fever. They then learned that he contracted the virus from a medical professional that was caring for him. Goode is currently quarantining with her son:

Max tested positive for COVID-19 early Saturday am. We took him into the ER after he was running a fever in the middle of the night. We had confirmation that he was exposed from direct contact with a medical professional who had cared for him earlier in the week. This has been a total shock to us. I am currently quarantining with baby Max in the PICU. They are treating me as if I have been exposed and are likely positive as well, although I am showing no symptoms yet. Please send good energy to our little bub so he recovers fast. Not sure what happens next from here... but I expect to be offline for a while as we recover.

In the post, Casey Goode also included a picture of her and her adorable little son in the PICU. You can see the original post down below:

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Goode and her husband welcomed baby Maxmilian on September 18th. Shortly after his birth, she took to social media to chronicle the labor complications she experienced. The singer explained that she went into labor at 37 weeks and experienced serious spikes in her blood pressure, leading her to forgo the home birth she and her husband had planned for.

Following Casey Goode’s announcement of Max’s diagnosis, her husband provided another update on the two on Instagram (via People). He confirmed that both are still in the PICU, and that while Max is still on oxygen, his temperature and blood pressure are normal. Alex stated that even though his wife is “spiritually and mentally drained,” she’s incredibly grateful for all of the positive messages from fans:

She's mentally and spiritually drained. That being said, we've received an overwhelming amount of messages from all of you — very personal messages. And while we're thankful that everyone has shown their support and kind words, we would love to be able to answer each one individually but at this time we can't.

Although things have not been easy for Casey Goode and her family, it’s been touching to see the massive amount of support they’ve gotten. We here at CinemaBlend wish them the best during this time.

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