NCIS: New Orleans Alum Shalita Grant Is Returning To Netflix For A Very Different Show

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The long-running NCIS franchise hasn't had too many actors leave its shows behind for greener pastures, so when Shalita Grant stepped away from NCIS: New Orleans in Season 4, many fans were surprised. But, she was able to move on to something new quite quickly, as viewers got to watch Grant go from one law enforcement agency to another when she played FBI agent Tess Rogers on Season 3 of Netflix's oddball zombie comedy Santa Carita Diet in 2019. Now, the star will be returning to Netflix for a very different show, with a new role on You.

It was recently announced by Netflix that Season 3 of the serial killing drama will welcome Shalita Grant to the show as Sherry. Grant's Sherry will be an important "Mom-fluencer" who seems to be cool and down to earth. But, Sherry's actually hiding her true, mean girl nature, and is just pretending to welcome Love into her social circle. I mean, really, what would Love be without more potential victims, right?

Seeing as how Shalita Grant is known for playing no-nonsense federal agents, I can certainly imagine her being able to pull off a nice-seeming mean girl mommy influencer. The question now, is why is Love looking to be taken in buy such a person? Brief SPOILERS ahead! Assuming that the time jump from the very end of Season 2 of Love holds, and we pick up some time after that, Love and Joe will be living their twisted and dangerous lives together and raising their baby.

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It won't be a surprise, then, that Love might develop some friendships with other mothers as she embarks on this very new territory. This is especially true if she and Joe are growing apart at all due to her seeming complete commitment to him, and him (possibly) already being obsessed with someone new. End SPOILERS!

But, Love is a tricky one. Will she specifically seek out Sherry for one reason or another? Or, is this just going to be one of those crazy happenstances, like Joe finally finding someone who really loves him for all that he is? For that matter, why is Sherry going to be willing to let Love in if she doesn't really want her around? Love is a show filled with broken / terrible people, so I'm going to guess right now that she simply enjoys lording over people, making them feel bad about themselves and then tossing them aside. I have a sneaking suspicion that Love won't toss easily, though.

And, that's not to mention Joe. He's more than willing to kill for L/love, so if he has a clearer read on Sherry's intentions than his baby mama, he could easily step up and make Sherry's life...less alive. Of course, in all of this supposition, I haven't even brought up the fact that Sherry might, herself, be the ultimate mean girl, and someone who's also got that killer instinct which Joe has been known to draw to him like flies to a rotting body. Ew. But, also, see what I did there?!

We don't know much about You Season 3 just yet, so we'll have to wait and see what happens with Shalita Grant and her mean girl Sherry. In the meantime, be sure to see what else you can watch on the small screen with our guide to fall TV!

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