The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Recreates A Classic Penny And Sheldon Scene

Kaley Cuoco as Penny on The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory ended its twelve-season run over a year ago and, naturally, the cast has since moved onto other projects. For instance, Kaley Cuoco – who fans know as the sweet and funny Penny – is currently headlining HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant. Despite having moved on, the star still remains nostalgic when it comes to the series that cemented her as a star. Just recently, she showed this by recreating one of The Big Bang Theory’s most notable scenes, and the result was perfect.

Like many celebrities, Kaley Cuoco is active on TIkTok, and she recently took to the platform to post a Big Bang Theory-related clip. The video, which stars her and her Man from Toronto co-star, Pierson Fodé, recreates a classic scene from the Season 2 episode “The Monopolar Expedition.” The episode itself served as the season finale and focused on Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj preparing for a three-month expedition in the North Pole.

The scene that Cuoco and Fodé parody is one in which Penny humorously shocks Sheldon by turning the tables with his odd door-knocking etiquette. In the video, Fodé assumes the role of Sheldon, knocking on Penny’s door three times and calling her name. Then Cuoco’s Penny, right on cue, knocks back. The scene is done perfectly and only made better by the fact that it uses actual audio from the original scene.

Penny and Sheldon’s relationship was easily one of the highlights of The Big Bang Theory. During the early seasons, the two were often at odds with each other, as both couldn’t seem to adjust to the other’s ways. But as time went on, the two developed a more intimate relationship, becoming more like siblings in the process.

Kaley Cuoco is well aware of just how integral Big Bang Theory was to her career, and she knows there’s a good chance it could remain the high point of her career. But she’s accepted this possibility, noting that the craziness of that time still motivates her as she moves into her next chapter.

In addition to video recreations, Cuoco has also found other ways to stay close to TBBT. The actress paid tribute to the show on the one-year anniversary of its series finale, and she still keeps in touch with her longtime co-stars. She even managed to make a sweet cameo in an episode of Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon. In the past, Cuoco has also expressed hope that the cast will one day get together for a reunion similar to that of the Friends cast.

Kaley Cuoco may be headed for a new era in her career, but it’s great to see that she still holds a soft spot for her time on The Big Bang Theory. And hopefully, this won’t be the last time we see her take on another fan-favorite scene from the show.

The Big Bang Theory is currently available to stream on HBO Max.

Erik Swann
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