Big Bang Theory Vet Mayim Bialik Reveals Wardrobe Malfunction While Filming Fox's The Masked Dancer

Having started her career in the late 1980s ahead of her big break on Blossom, actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik has no doubt had her fair share of noteworthy and distinctive experiences while filming TV shows, and she's obviously not done yet. Her new comedy series Call Me Kat is heading to Fox in 2021, and Bialik also revealed she'll be a guest judge on the network's upcoming Masked Singer spinoff The Masked Dancer. She was apparently working hard, too, as she suffered both a wardrobe malfunction and an infected blister while filming.

The Masked Dancer looks to basically be the same thing as The Masked Singer, in that a group of costumed celebrities will perform routines on stage for the judges to critique while guessing who's under the mask. Of course, the spinoff looks to be the more physically active of the two shows, and it would be easy to believe that Mayim Bialik actually took part in the performances, considering everything that went on with her dress and her feet. Check out the guest host's Instagram post below to

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In the scheme of things, Mayim Bialik's wardrobe malfunction was definitely on the G-rated side, and thankfully didn't leave her more exposed to TV audiences and her fellow judges, including Brian Austin Green, Paula Abdul, Ken Jeong and Ashley Tisdale. It's not clear what made the back of her dress rip open, but it's fun to assume that she was jumping all over the stage as the performances were happening.

That's almost definitely not what happened, though, considering she was also suffering from a hurt foot due to a blister that got infected. Maybe she was able to jump on Ken Jeong's back, though. Also, how much should be wagered on Jeong guessing that at least one Masked Dancer contestant is one of Bialik's former Big Bang Theory co-stars? Jim Parsons is probably pretty swift on his feet.

For anyone who wants to get a better idea of what to expect from The Masked Dancer, check out the first teaser trailer below to get a peek at some of the inventive costumes that are on the way.

As mentioned above, The Masked Dancer isn't the only new project that Mayim Bialik has going for her, with Call Me Kat also on the way. The comedy, for which Bialik reunited with Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons in an executive producer capacity, follows a Kentucky woman named Kat who struggles with feelings of happiness and therefore opens up a cat cafe. The Fox show also stars Swoozie Kurtz, Leslie Jordan, Kyle Pratt and Cheyenne Jackson. As well, Bialik is starting up a new podcast called Bialik's Breakdown that will focus on mental health.

While The Masked Dancer doesn't yet have a premiere date locked into place, fans can catch the fancy-footed action this December on Fox. While waiting to hear more specifics, head to our Fall TV 2020 premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows already have dates confirmed.

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