HBO's Euphoria Season 2: 6 Questions We Have After Season 1

Rue Euphoria HBO

HBO is bringing Euphoria Season 2 to fans in 2021, but 2020 will certainly have at least one if not two more episodes coming up in December. That's not long for fans to wait for new episodes, and hopefully, some answers will arrive with these new episodes.

For anyone experiencing brain fog due to the amount of television and life they've experienced since Euphoria Season 1, this is the place to be. Here are some of the biggest questions I was left wondering after Season 1, and some speculation as to how or whether or not they'll be addressed in Season 2.

Rue Euphoria HBO

Did Rue Die?

In what may have been the saddest but predictable end to Season 1, Rue became overwhelmed by losing Jules and turned back to hard drugs. Euphoria played up the moment dramatically, which included a choreographed dance number and scenes in which Rue reconnected with her dead father. After the credits rolled, some fans wondered if it was just a stylistic choice to represent Rue's relapse, or a hallucination because Rue overdosed when she took the drugs.

Euphoria Season 2's cast and crew won't say one way or another, but it's hard for me to imagine the HBO drama killed off its lead Emmy-winning actress Zendaya after one season. With that being said it's very possible Rue "died" and will be revived by paramedics in the two interim episodes ahead of Season 2. I also believe that Euphoria is a very stylized show, and while the dance number was a bit extreme compared to what we'd seen in Season 1, it may have just been a fancy way to show Rue's relapse in a more artistic way than just quietly laying in bed barely responsive.

Jules Euphoria HBO

Will Jules Return Home?

Jules Vaughn had a lot of stress on her shoulders in Season 1, what with juggling a new relationship with Rue, as well as her ongoing feud with Nate and Cal Jacobs. It all became too much to bear, and in the penultimate episode of Season 1, Jules decided to make a run for it. Rue and Jules get ready to make a break for a new city and a new life, but Rue backs out last minute. Jules sets off on her own and based on what little we see from a trip she takes to visit a friend earlier in the season, things could go really well for her.

So well, in fact, that I legitimately question whether she'll return for Euphoria Season 2. On one hand, I understand the thought that Jules would want to rush back to be with Rue, but I also think back to Rue being part of the reason why she left. Jules felt obligated to stay with Rue romantically because Rue leaned on her to stay sober. Hearing something happened to Rue as a relapse would definitely make Jules feels some guilt, and possibly strengthen her resolve not to return home. On the other hand, she also has her father still at home, so maybe Jules will have a change of heart and return home still.

Euphoria HBO

Will Maddy Release The DVD?

Maddy was chilling in Nate's room in the Season 1 finale when she happened to notice a DVD just hanging out. She pops it in, and while we don't know for sure, it seems as though she saw the sex tape in which Nate's father Cal is seen having sex with the underage Jules. Keep in mind, we have no idea if that's what Maddy saw, though, at the moment, it's hard to imagine what else there was.

Assuming that is what Maddy saw, what would she do in Euphoria Season 2? Maddy has let some of Nate's toxic behavior slide in the past, I can't help but imagine she'd keep whatever horrific stuff she saw on the DVD under wraps for now. Of course, should Nate step out of line again all bets are off and Maddy could haul off and put that video on Facebook to show the world Nate's father Cal isn't the shining beacon on the city some think he is. It's only a matter of when Maddy and Nate break up again I'd imagine, so be sure to keep an eye on whether or not the DVD comes up during that first big fight.

Fez Euphoria HBO

Is Fezco Toast?

Euphoria's resident drug dealer was arguably in the worst spot at the end of Season 1, as he was on the line to a dangerous drug lord for a large chunk of money. Fez ended up getting the money after robbing a doctor, but it was up in the air whether or not Mouse was going to let him slide. After all, Mouse has shown he's not someone to be played with earlier in the season when he forced Rue into taking Fentanyl, so Fez might also be killed right as Season 2 kicks off.

Fez actor Angus St. Cloud revealed when Euphoria Season 2 was supposed to go back into production, which seems to imply he will be involved in Season 2 in some way. With that said, he could just return for his death scene, or some flashback episodes that reveal his backstory or connection to Rue. Personally, I'm rooting for him to survive the encounter

Euphoria HBO

Will Cassie And McKay Get On Better Terms?

Cassie and McKay started out as one of the most stable relationships on Euphoria, but as Season 1 progressed, it became one of the worst. McKay couldn't cope with the claims of his friends who thought Cassie had a reputation for sleeping around, and Cassie felt she was being unfairly judged for a past she couldn't change. The couple seemed to reach an understanding, but when Cassie was pressured into an abortion, the couple really just fell apart.

It was a shame to see, but perhaps we'll see in Euphoria Season 2 it was for the best. After all, Cassie doesn't need to be beholden to McKay's wishes of how she should act, And if McKay wants a woman with different personality and values, that's not necessarily a bad thing either. Not all relationships are meant to be, though we know the reality that some people continually try to make it work anyway. We'll see if those two are one of those couples, and considering how much toxicity there already is with Maddy and Nate, I'm hoping they aren't.

Gia Rue Euphoria HBO

Is Gia In Danger Of Repeating Rue's Mistakes?

Rue's little sister Gia seemed very anti-drugs when Euphoria Season 1 started, mostly because she bore witness to how it affected her sister. It's later shown that Gia may not have learned enough about the dangers of drugs when we see her experimenting with them later at the school carnival. Gia could easily go down the same path of her sister, with the big issue being that she may not be noticed as quickly.

With Rue and Gia's father dying and Rue's extreme drug addiction, Gia definitely faded into the background. Euphoria Season 2 could definitely see Rue's mother focusing more on the daughter she knows has problems, and letting Gia just fade back into the background. Euphoria Season 2 will show more of Gia's story, so fans will get an answer either way.

Euphoria returns to HBO for a holiday special Sunday, December 6, and the other yet to be given a release date. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the series, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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