The Internet Was Fired Up After Zendaya's Emmy Victory

Zendaya staring straight ahead with blue lighting in Euphoria.

The big story for many following The Emmys will likely be Schitt’s Creek making up for all the years it was passed over, but there was perhaps no moment that excited Twitter more than Zendaya taking home a well deserved Emmy for her incredible performance in Euphoria. Social media immediately exploded with thousands of tweets from fans and fellow celebrities who were pumped about the Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama victory.

There’s not nearly enough time to cover all the congratulations and gloating her fans did in the immediate aftermath, but I’ll do my best to give you a smattering of my favorites. Suffice to say, however, that an overwhelming majority of the ones I didn’t include looked a lot like this gem…

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Part of the reason why the 24 year old actress seems to be so universally admired (in addition to her tremendous talent) is that she pulls fans from a lot of different places. She first rose to prominence on the Disney Channel original Shake It Up. From there, she's bounced around into a wide variety of well-received projects including the most recent Spider-Man movies, the really freaking popular musical The Greatest Showman and the HBO teen drama Europhia. Oh yeah, she also took time out of her schedule to do a season of Dancing With The Stars in which she finished second. So, basically, every single person on Earth has probably seen her somewhere and has warm feelings including celebrities like Mindy Kaling.

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A lot of the tweets also touched on just how bright the actress' future looks right now. She's only 24 years old and seemingly has so many amazing roles and places to go ahead of her, and as discussed above, it's not likely to be limited to any specific genre. We're almost certainly going to get a wide variety of great performances in blockbuster movies, in more critically acclaimed TV shows, in Oscar bait indie dramas and in everything in between. Thinking about what's ahead is really exciting. I mean look at this upcoming project list. Don't believe me though. Let this fan talk...

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There are seriously so many tweets we could keep going with... like this one from Reese Witherspoon or this one with more than ten thousand likes talking about how good she looks or this one from Sarah Paulson, who is a damn good actress in her own right. But I guess I'll go with this one from the show's official account, which is rapidly approaching 50,000 likes in about 30 minutes...

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So, a huge congratulations to Zendaya for a much deserved moment in the sunshine, and if you haven't watched Euphoria yet, stop what you're doing and get on that. Your bosses will understand if you miss some work this week (hopefully), and then once you're done, you too will be able to share in the joy that is this deserved Zendaya victory.

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