How To Watch HBO Max On Amazon Fire TV And Other Devices

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Since its launch earlier this year, HBO Max has been conspicuously absent from two major sources of streaming entertainment. Both the Amazon family of devices, including the Amazon Fire TV, as well as the Roku series of products somehow didn’t have deals in place when HBO’s streaming library debuted this past May. Which makes today’s big news something that helps the cable network’s streaming platform make a larger impact, as HBO Max can now be accessed by Amazon device owners. Let’s walk through what this means, and how you can get yourself onto the road to HBO Max goodness, as soon as possible.

How To Watch HBO Max On Amazon Fire TV Devices

So the big news comes down to two methods of getting HBO Max through your Amazon Fire TV and other devices. First, if you happen to be an HBO subscriber through the shipping giant’s Prime Video Channels, you’re already in. All you have to do is download the HBO app on your Fire devices, sign in with your Amazon credentials, and then it’s all at your fingertips. However, if you have an HBO Max subscription through any other platform, don’t worry. Your membership is also valid on the app as well, and all you have to do is sign in as you typically would.

How To Subscribe To HBO Max

However you want to subscribe to the world of HBO Max, it’s yours for the taking! Should you already have a cable provider and an HBO subscription, you’ve automatically got HBO Max waiting for you to enjoy. But if you’re a cord cutter that likes to stay away from such entanglements, you’re good to go as well! Just sign up for HBO Max directly through the source, and begin a 7 day free trial to test the service out. Or, if you’re a user of Prime Video Channels, subscribing to Amazon’s HBO channel will help you get you in the door easily enough.

How HBO Max Is Different From HBO Go And HBO Now

Back in the old HBO Go and HBO Now days, it used to be that the streaming library was limited to only series and specials that had aired on HBO. This was on top of streaming HBO original movies, and for as long as they had the rights, any major Hollywood movies that were airing on their broadcast platform. Then HBO Max came to town, and blew that all out of the water.

In the HBO Max library, there’s not only the same HBO content we mentioned above, but also several other hubs that offer tons more options. Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network, and Adult Swim are all several examples of the legacy content you can sample on HBO Max. But also, if you’re looking for original series, like the sci-fi drama Raised By Wolves, or original films like the recent remake of The Witches, those are the types of Max Originals you’ll have at your disposal as well. Amazon Fire TV users, your day has come! HBO Max is available today, and if you already had the older HBO app downloaded on your device, it should automatically update to be compatible. Just in time for you to watch Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, or even the entirety of The Big Bang Theory, all under one roof.

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