Check Out SNL's Kenan Thompson Returning As Tiny Diamond In New TrollsTopia Video

Having already been at the center of two hit features films and four streaming TV seasons, the Trolls franchise is opening its world up in a huge way for a brand new TV show that just hit the world of streaming. DreamWorks' latest animated television series TrollsTopia is now available for audiences to watch on both Hulu and Peacock, and one of the most awesome things about the new show is the return of SNL star Kenan Thompson as his standout Trolls World Tour character Tiny Diamond, son of the Auto-Tune master Guy Diamond. And it's indeed Thompson's adorable li'l dude at the center of the exclusive clip above.

While there are other TrollsTopia previews out there, the above video gives fans an extended look at one of the thirteen Season 1 episodes currently available to stream. To be expected, it's a big, colorful adventure unto itself, even though it's under four minutes long. While some of the early-episode context is left for the viewer's imagination, the clip is called "Tiny Diamond Runs Away," and features him already having run away, so there aren't any brain-breaking mysteries afoot here. But Guy Diamond's a-foot is a-dancing after Tiny Diamond is rescued and back on dry, stable land.

trollstopia guy diamond dancing

TrollsTopia directly follows the events of this year's feature Trolls World Tour, during which Poppy & Co. discovered the existence of several different musically themed Troll groups. The title TrollsTopia refers to the community that Poppy sets up with newly introduced delegates from the various communities, allowing Trolls from all over the land to live together peacefully and harmoniously. Well, that's the goal anyway, since you just know something is going to go haywire on an episodic basis.

Though Kenan Thompson was able to maneuver his busy schedule to return to the franchise for TrollsTopia, fans might have noticed that Guy Diamond's voice sounds a little different from the movies. That's because the O.G. voice actor, Big Bang Theory vet Kunal Nayyar, didn't return to the role for the TV series, much as he also wasn't around for Netflix's Trolls: The Beat Goes On. That series had actor Sean T. Krishnan on tap for Guy Diamond, and Krishnan returned for TrollsTopia, as did fellow Beat Goes On stars Amanda Leighton as Poppy and Skylar Astin as Branch, among others. Thankfully, the one-of-a-kind Ron Funches is also back as Cooper, so let's give him and Thompson some air-horn love.

trolls tiny diamond air horns

All 13 two-part episodes of TrollsTopia Season 1 are now available to stream in full on Hulu and on Peacock. When you're done with those, check out everything else coming to the small screen soon with our Fall 2020 TV premiere schedule and our Winter and Spring 2021 rundown.

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