Dwayne Johnson Celebrates As 'F-ing Hilarious' Young Rock TV Show Starts Filming

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Of all the projects Dwayne Johnson is currently working on, one of the most intriguing has to be Young Rock, an NBC comedy that will focus on the formative years of the wrestler-turned-actor. The show received a straight-to-series order back in January, and Johnson previously teased that production would be ramping up on the project quite soon. Well, the cameras are now officially rolling, and Johnson marked the occasion by sharing some thoughts on the show.

Young Rock is currently filming in Queensland, Australia, and Dwayne Johnson celebrated the start of production by posting a behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram that shows him and the show’s creator, Nahnatchka Khan, talking things over. In his caption, he also provided a few comments on their work, saying that the show needs to accurately depict every aspect of his life:

Gotta be authentic and get it right. The good, the bad, the heartbreaking, the heartwarming and the fucking hilarious.

Johnson also shed some light on their creative process, especially when it comes to crafting the characters. And based on his comments, there’s a lot of care that’s going into telling this story:

We examine every word from every character because these are all real people, real family who are still in my life and those who have passed away.

Anyone who’s heard Dwayne Johnson talk about his work knows that he fully commits to any project he works on. It’s no surprise that this would also be the case on his autobiographical series. With the work that he, Khan and their team are putting in, the show is sure to do Johnson’s life story justice. You can check out his original post below:

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Young Rock will actually feature multiple versions of the entertainment mogul. Adrian Groulx will star as the 10-year-old Johnson, Bradley Constant is playing his 15-year-old self and Uli Latukefu Johnson will portray Johnson from ages 18-20 (which will be during his years a college football player). The cast also includes Stacy Leilua and Joseph Lee Anderson as Johnson’s parents and Ana Tuisila as his grandmother as well as John Tui and Fasitua Amosa. In addition, Johnson will reportedly be appearing in every episode of the series as himself.

The show has the potential to cover some very interesting aspects of Johnson’s life, like his teachings from his father, Rocky Johnson, the legendary wrestler who broke down barriers for African Americans in the world of pro wrestling. His grandmother, described as sweet but tough, was also one of the first female fight promoters in the business.

It’s good to see that things are shaping up well for Young Rock. Based on Dwayne Johnson’s photo, it looks like the crew is doing what it can to stay safe in the age of COVID and, hopefully, the measures keep employees safe as they work to tell this story.

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