Netflix And Joseph Morgan Had A Funny Holiday Exchange Over His Originals Character

The Originals came to a tragic end for Joseph Morgan's Klaus Mikaelson, but that doesn't mean there can't be some merriness about the character despite his divisive demise. While Klaus himself wasn't the jolliest fellow ever to feed on the blood of another human in the Vampire Diaries universe, Morgan himself brought Klaus into an exchange with Netflix that couldn't be much more random, and was all the funnier for it.

The Netflix Family account on Twitter was trying to share the Christmas spirit with a list of holiday offerings, but Joseph Morgan saw the top pick a different way than intended, in the best way. Take a look!

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Netflix Family may be #herefortheholidays, but Joseph Morgan is here for his Vampire Diaries and Originals character. The Netflix account was obviously trying to hype the Christmas comedy Klaus that was distributed by Netflix will a killer voice cast in 2019, and the title is just short enough to be the perfect tree-topper for the tweet. And it just happens to be a perfect shout-out to Morgan's iconic Originals role, depending on how you look at it!

Joseph Morgan is officially not an actor who is against shouting out to the role that made him famous, and it seems that the person who runs the Netflix Twitter account was either a fan of The Originals or did some online digging after Morgan joked that Christmas tree topper was about Klaus Mikaelson, because the rest of the exchange should make any former Originals viewers pretty happy. Check it out:

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The main Netflix account didn't break the "news" to Joseph Morgan that the original post was about a Christmas movie rather than the lead of The Originals, but it prompted Morgan to break out the Mikaelson family motto of "Always and forever." That wasn't even the end of the exchange, with Netflix responding with "and ever and ever". Happy holidays, Originals fans!

If you'd rather celebrate the season with some CW vampire action than any of the holiday movies that Netflix suggested, you can find all five seasons of The Originals streaming on Netflix now. Joseph Morgan has already weighed in on potentially reprising his role as Klaus on the ongoing Legacies spinoff, so The Originals will be the top place to see him.

The full run of The Vampire Diaries is streaming as well, despite a scare in 2019, so you can see Joseph Morgan's early performances as Klaus on the streamer as well. His first big TV show following The Originals was unfortunately already cancelled earlier this year. More vampire action will return to The CW next month with the Season 3 premiere of Legacies.

If you're in the market for some viewing options not involving vampires, be sure to check out our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule!

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