Joseph Morgan Shows Off The Originals Prop That He Kept From One Of His Favorite Episodes

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It's been almost two years since The Originals controversially finished its run. Yet Joseph Morgan, who played Klaus Mikaelson The Vampire Diaries spinoff's six-season run, is feeling a bit nostalgic. With this, he recently showed off The Originals prop that he kept from one of his favorite episodes.

Joseph Morgan recently showed off the gold coin from one of the earlier installments of the show, and he affectionally recalled why the item is so important to him. Fans will undoubtedly recall Morgan’s golden selection and its place in The Originals’ mythos. Showing off the prop, Morgan told EW:

This is from The Originals, Episode 8 in Season 1 -- one of my favorite, favorite episodes, and in it, I’m surrounded by a crew of vampires. My sister and my best friend have betrayed me, and I’m about to be attacked and imprisoned, and I offer them all a chance. If someone picks up the coin, they get to live, but none of them pick it up. So, I killed a lot of them. And I loved that episode because it was a huge stunt fight. I really enjoyed it, learning it, and it ended in a kind of emotional climatic scene. And so, I kept this little prop as a reminder. As a piece of pure gold, memorabilia.

Joseph Morgan loves Klaus’ coin! I remember this episode of The Originals, very well, and that action sequence was pretty jaw-dropping. Morgan recently shared that he is not interested in reprising his role for The Originals’ spinoff (Legacies). But based on his comments here, it's clearly not for lack of fond memories from his days on The CW drama.

Not everyone can leave their time on a TV series with a fake tongue and throat to show for their time there. Jason Momoa cornered the market on that from his time on Game of Thrones. Considering how many people Klaus killed during that stunt scene, I have to believe that Joseph Morgan could have had his pick of grizzly props in the vein of Momoa’s.

Regardless, Joseph Morgan got what he wanted most, and the actor could not have a sharper memory of The Originals’ episode that contained his beloved prop. His dedication to committing such an installment to memory is not all that surprising when you consider that Morgan has stated that Klaus “still lives” on for him.

The same is true for The Vampire Diaries universe, which has The Originals’ sequel spinoff to keep the torch burning for it. Legacies centers on Klaus’ daughter, Hope. Last season, it was revealed that the son of Klaus’ sister, Freya, and her wife Keelin, had named their son Nik in honor of Klaus.

It's always interesting to see what kind of props stars take away from their projects, and the best part is seeing how much the items vary from item to item. For instance, Joseph Morgan’s gold coin is a lot more mobile than the couch that John Stamos took from Fuller House.

The Originals is streaming in its entirety (including Season 1, Episode 8) on Netflix along with this year’s new content. You can catch Joseph Morgan in Brave New World, which is now streaming on Peacock. While you wait for The Originals’ spinoff, Legacies, to return -- check out this fall’s premieres.

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