How Virgin River's Showrunner Plans To Handle Future Seasons On Netflix

We may still be waiting to see whether or not Virgin River will be renewed for Season 3 on Netflix, but that doesn't mean that fans aren't wondering where the small town romance could go after all of the surprises in the Season 2 finale, especially that major cliffhanger. While the show is based on the 21-novel series by author Robyn Carr, some changes have already been made to the characters and storylines as they were originally created for those books, so it makes sense that viewers would wonder what's next. Now, Virgin River's showrunner has revealed how they plan to handle future seasons.

Virgin River showrunner Sue Tenney has already spoken about why the series waited so long, compared to the books, for one of the leading couples (Mel and Jack) to have sex. Now, she's letting fans in on how she and her team plan to move forward, even with the changes that have been made to the books for our small screen entertainment. Tenney told TV Line:

Ultimately, the way I look at the show is that we’re going to get as many seasons as we get. And when we get to that last season, we want them to be where [book author Robyn Carr] has them. Everything we do that isn’t directly from the book we do in [the spirit of] Robyn’s books.

If you've finished Season 2 of Virgin River (And, I certainly hope you have. It's really good!) you'll know that the characters are going through it big time by the last seconds of the finale. Preacher has major decisions to make about his future, Brady is in a very tough spot, Doc Mullins has news for Hope the she probably won't like, and Mel and Jack are...well, it ain't great. But, it sounds like the goal for Sue Tenney and her writers is to make sure that, whatever curveballs they throw into the Virgin River mix, the characters end in the same place as they do in the novels.

If you've read any of the Virgin River books, changing a bunch of things story and character wise might seem like a circuitous way to hit that mark, but you can't really argue with the results. Seasons 1 and 2 have managed to catch the attention of both those who love Carr's novels, and those (like me) who hadn't read them before. Pretty much every episode ends on a cliffhanger, you guys. And, if you love a small town romance that's willing to get a little naughty and even more suspenseful, the show should be right up your alley.

Luckily for fans of Virgin River, it sounds like there's a good plan in place for them to pick up those Season 2 cliffhangers and still give us the character arcs we want for Mel, Jack and the rest of the characters. (Can someone please do something about Charmaine? Please?!) Hopefully, Netflix will grant Season 3 (and many more) to Virgin River, so we can see how this all plays out!

You can relive the wonders of Virgin River with Seasons 1 and 2 right now on Netflix. But, for more to watch in the coming weeks, check out our guide to fall TV and see what's on tap for the new year!

Adrienne Jones
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