Netflix's Virgin River Showrunner Is Already Hyping Massive Season 2 Complications For Jack And Mel

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The first season of Virgin River debuted a duo that was hard not to root for when it comes to romance, but the course of TV love for Mel and Jack didn't run smoothly to start, and showrunner Sue Tenney is already hyping that new complications are on the way. The first season ended with Jack getting a baby bombshell when ex Charmaine revealed that she's pregnant, and that is definitely going to mix things up for Jack and Mel when the show returns later this week.

Virgin River set up what was bound to be a pretty messy triangle at the end of Season 1, and Sue Tenney explained what's in store with the Mel/Jack part of the triangle in a chat with TVLine:

You’ll see Jack and Mel struggle against their attraction in Season 2, and you’ll see what happens if they succumb to it. You’ll see what that means for their future — and how that future gets massively complicated in the very last moments of the season.

The next new season of Virgin River may not debut on Netflix until November 27, but Sue Tenney has revealed some of what to expect at the end the next run of episodes. She didn't drop any spoilers about how Jack and Mel will deal with their attraction -- or if they'll give into it! -- but I think it's safe to say that Mel, Jack, and Charmaine won't have all their differences settled by the end of the Season 2 premiere.

The sparks between Mel and Jack in Season 1 surely won't stop flying just because of the Charmaine-shaped obstacle that is officially in their way, but that doesn't mean things might not get messy. After all, Mel might need to interact with Charmaine regularly as a midwife and nurse practitioner in the small community of Virgin River. Awk-ward!

Considering that Virgin River Season 2 is also going to shed light on Jack's past as a Marine and what he went through during with the war along with Preacher and Brady, and the trailer confirms that Mel will have plenty of development not related to the love triangle, fans can at least look forward to some breaks in the relationship drama in the next batch of episodes.

If you missed the trailer when it released (or just want another look at what's in store in the return to Virgin River), take a look at the official trailer courtesy of Netflix:

The wait for more Virgin River is almost at an end, and fans have a lot to give thanks for on this Thanksgiving. The second season of Virgin River debuts on Friday, November 27 at 12:01 a.m. PT on Netflix. You have just enough time to rewatch the first season or give it a binge ahead of Season 2, with the first ten episodes streaming on Netflix now.

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