Is Transplant Returning To NBC For Season 2 After That Cliffhanger?

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Spoilers ahead for the two-hour Season 1 finale of Transplant on NBC.

The first season of Transplant has come to an end on NBC, concluding the run of the first big medical drama to hit the airwaves in the 2020-2021 fall TV season. Although there was no life-and-death cliffhanger to leave fans desperate for answers ASAP, there was a wild enough cliffhanger for Bash and Amira (and some unanswered questions for the rest) that it's definitely not too soon to start thinking about a second season.

The finale ended with Bash and Amira reuniting with a Syrian woman. Although she was unidentified, Amira was immediately overjoyed to see her, and Bash got over his shock to pull her into a hug and say that he thought she was dead. The woman is clearly not their mother, and it's possible that she's a member of their family, but she also might be a lost love of Bash's who ultimately isn't lost at all. Bad news for fans of Bash and Mags?

Mags is gaining ground in her career regardless of feelings she does or doesn't have for Bash. Jed's health is in vey real danger as of the end of Season 1, although he was stable. June has a shot at the chief resident position after going above and beyond for a patient, while Theo is in a difficult position between his dream job and his family. There are a lot of stories that deserve to continue being told. As somebody who tuned in on NBC, I'm already ready for more. So, will there be more on NBC?

The answer is a little more complicated than NBC simply handing down a renewal or not. Transplant is actually a Canadian medical drama originally produced for CTV, and the first season aired from late February to late May this year in Canada. Canadian production company Bell Media renewed Transplant for Season 2 in June, months before the NBC debut in the U.S. in September. Transplant is definitely coming back to CTV; will it come back to NBC?

NBC acquired Transplant earlier this year, when it was uncertain as to when production on TV's biggest hits (including those on NBC) would be able to begin again after ending early in the spring. Back in May, Deadline reported that NBC acquired the 13-episode first season, with no word on any subsequent seasons. This was also before the CTV renewal in June, so a lot is unknown at this point.

Transplant has done well in the ratings on NBC throughout its first season, and with a second season already in the works for CTV, the odds seem quite good that Season 2 will come to NBC whenever it can actually be completed. Short of CTV pulling a Netflix and cancelling a show that it had previously renewed, at least fans can be confident that a Season 2 is happening. The biggest questions are simply where and when it will air beyond CTV, if it does air elsewhere.

While Transplant has finished its first season on NBC, there are plenty of other medical dramas in primetime. Check out our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule for when to find the likes of Chicago Med (which already entered another hiatus), The Resident, and more in the new year.

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