SNL's Pete Davidson Had A Hilarious Response After Meeting Woman With Same First Name As Ex Ariana Grande

Many would probably agree that Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson is one of the most interesting personalities within the Hollywood sphere. Aside from his antics on the sketch comedy show, other facets of his life have garnered plenty of attention from the public at large. One of these was his whirlwind romance with singer and actress Ariana Grande and, while the two are no longer together, people don’t hesitate to remind Davidson of his former lover. This was the case when he encountered a fan who shares Grande’s first name.

This past weekend, after taping the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson took some time to greet fans outside NBC Studios, chatting and taking photos with the excited bystanders. Among the fans was a TikTok user with the name Arianna Justine, who posted her encounter with the actor to the app.

In the video, she tells Davidson, “My name is Arianna, too.” And Davidson, being the witty guy that he is, replied with, “Well, hello! Let’s get married!” The fan was overwhelmed by the answer and, in her caption for the video, she said, “I met Pete Davidson & I’m in love”.

Leave it to Pete Davidson to deliver the perfect response when faced with a mention of Ariana Grande. Davidson has never shied away from making a joke at his own expense, so his comment here is pretty on-brand.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande first began dating back in May 2018 before the two became engaged only a month later. At the time, Davidson had no problem confirming the news to the public, albeit in a relatively unconventional way. However, the engagement ended that October, shortly after the death of Grande’s ex, Mac Miller.

In the immediate aftermath of the breakup, both stars were very candid, with Grande going to Instagram to discuss her feelings on both the relationship and Mac Miller’s passing. Davidson, on the other hand, would even reference the end of his highly publicized relationship on Saturday Night Live.

Since the two ended their fling, the topic has become somewhat of a running joke on SNL. Even ex-Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw made a Grande joke as a bit of revenge after Davidson made a joke about his eyepatch. Despite the jokes though, Davidson moved on by starting a relationship with Kate Beckinsale the next year, though the two later broke up.

As evidenced by his reaction to the fan, Pete Davidson takes any mention of Ariana Grande in stride and can laugh at himself when faced with jokes. It can’t be easy to be constantly reminded of a past relationship, and Davidson really does deserve credit for the way he handles it.

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