Ariana Grande Has Opened Up About Her Split From SNL's Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson Saturday Night Live/ Ariana Grande Beats 1 Interview

Almost as quickly as they got together Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's relationship broke apart. It's been hard to figure out how the love died for the celebrity couple. Their relationship was heavily reported upon and it was a love that burned very bright. But it wasn't meant to be. Now, Grande has finally responded to the fallout between her and Pete Davidson on her social media account, noting:

Ok today was v special and i'm so grateful i was able to be there. time to say bye bye to the internet for just a lil bit. it's hard not to bump news n stuff that i'm not tryna to see rn. it's very sad and we're all tryin very hard to keep goin. love u. and thank u for bein here always.

On her Instagram story, Ariana Grande alluded to the break-up drama surrounding her rapidly deflated relationship with Pete Davidson. In her send-off to social media -- at least, for now -- the singer didn't mention the Saturday Night Live actor/comedian by name, but Grande said the news was "hard" for her to deal with at the moment. That suggests Ariana Grande is still having a tough time coming to terms with their quickly broken engagement.

Broken engagements are difficult for anyone, particularly people as famous as Ariana Grande. It's understandable that she doesn't want to deal with the noise at the moment, and even more so if rumors related to why the celebrity couple broke up are true. According to unnamed sources reportedly close to the singer-songwriter, Grande is still reeling from the tragic loss of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, who died a month earlier. Since his mournful death, Grande has been reconsidering a number of things in her life, including the swift escalation of her relationship to Pete Davidson. The actor and the musician got engaged only a couple weeks into their relationship. It was a rapid rollercoaster for the young lovers, especially during the past summer.

Furthermore, Ariana Grande is taking great strides to hide the tattoos dedicated to her ex-lover. As TMZ reported, Grande recently performed a rendition of "The Wizard and I" in New York City. During the musical performance, the musician covered the "pete" tattoo located on her ring finger with a conveniently-placed band-aid, suggesting that Ariana Grande doesn't want the once-romantic tattoo to be seen by the public.

The musical number was recorded for the upcoming NBC special based on Wicked, which is expected to air on October 29th. The musician will have been separated from Pete Davidson for roughly two weeks by the time the musical number makes it way onto television. Her performance for the telecast was the first public appearance from Grande since the split happened. It's unclear if Pete Davidson will respond to the break-up when he returns to work on Saturday Night Live on November 3rd. The episode will feature host Jonah Hill and musical guest Maggie Rogers. We'll be sure to keep you updated, no matter what happens with Grande and Davidson.

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