Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale Reportedly Split

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In the past few weeks, there has been speculation and gossip floating around the internet questioning the state of Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale's relationship. A celebrity couple who were met with controversy due to their age differences, the comedian and the actress were always given a tough time about their early 2019 love affair. Nevertheless, the heart wants what it wants, and that should've justified their relationship to anyone.

But, it sounds like their relationship has come to an end, as there are reports being made that Davidson and Beckinsale are no longer seeing each other. While the couple has not said anything officially about their relationship, it sounds like their romance might've faded almost as quickly as it came together.

As it was reported by Page Six, Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale are reportedly no longer an item. While none of the sources who confirmed this information were named directly, people close to the couple told the publication that the problem came not from their age differences, which was a constant sore spot to the public, but rather Davidson's "public lifestyle."

The Saturday Night Live actor has garnered a lot of attention this past year or so thanks to his previous relationship (and short-lived engagement) to Ariana Grande. Reportedly, the blaring-hot laser focus on their steamy romance was a little too much for Kate Beckinsale to handle.

Love can fizzle just as quickly as it evolves. Since a break-up (or, at least, a reported one) is an intensely private matter, it's hard to know what exactly drove a wedge between these two celebrity lovers. Sometimes, however, the public spotlight can get in the way, or these things weren't meant to last long to begin with. No matter what happened here, it sounds like the quickly-blooming romance between Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale is finished. That is, if these reports are to be trusted.

When Pete Davidson appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon a week earlier, the rising comedian mentioned that he was currently living with his mom and that he was "lonely." That led people to wonder if he and Kate Beckinsale were officially dunzo. It appears that, if the reports we are hearing today are true, those rumors might've held legitimacy. Though, of course, nothing can be confirmed.

The first reports about Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale's relationship started sprouting out in January, when the comedian and the actress were seen holding hands at the Golden Globes ceremony. Shortly thereafter, Beckinsale and Davidson were spotted making out at a basketball game, which seemed to confirm their relationship status. They haven't necessarily welcomed the media attention, but they've gotten it anyhow. And, while Kate Beckinsale suggested that she wasn't completely bothered by the publicity, it sounds like that might have changed.

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