The Voice Crowned It's Season 19 Winner, And Made History In The Process

Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Voice Season 19 finale! Read at your own risk!

The Voice Season 19 didn't let a pandemic hold back its fall season, and through a lot of work and adjustments, delivered one of its most vocally talented seasons to date. It's safe to say there was no shortage of talent among any of the five remaining competitors on Part 2 of the finale, but only one would be crowned the winner of this unique season.

Rest assured that 2020 did not keep The Voice Season 19 from crowning a winner in fine form, nor did it prevent the show from making history in the process. The final two contestants came down to Jim Ranger and Carter Rubin, and the latter just became the youngest male singer to have ever won the singing competition.

Carter Rubin The Voice NBC

That's right, 15-year-old Carter Rubin took home the grand prize of The Voice. Rubin, who has been auditioning to compete on shows like America's Got Talent for years, finally got a chance to join The Voice. Rubin has been a fan-favorite to win the competition, and really brought the house down the previous week with his stunning rendition of The Muppets' song "Rainbow Connection."

Carter Rubin's win isn't just history for The Voice because of his age, but also because it marks the first win for coach Gwen Stefani after five seasons of competing in the singing competition. The win may be that much sweeter for Stefani, whose contestant just so happened to beat two of her fiancé Blake Shelton's contestants in the finale for the win. Blake's Ian Flanigan finished in third place, and his other competitor Jim Ranger was the runner-up. John Legend's contestant John Holiday took home fifth place, and Team Kelly Clarkson's Desz finished fourth.

And with that, The Voice has another season in the books. Season 19 was a notable step up from its first attempt at a socially distanced season, so I have to take a moment and applaud the efforts of the crew and every person at NBC who helped make that happen. Many shows are struggling to do a single season in the midst of the pandemic, and The Voice successfully completed two and already plans for another spring season.

It's unclear whether or not the same restrictions will be in place in the coming season, though if the quality of the singers is a product of the lack of a studio audience, I wouldn't be mad to see another season with a virtual-only audience. The Voice is done for Season 19 but will be returning in 2021 for its 20th anniversary season. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on the franchise, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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