The Boys: 6 Questions We Have Ahead Of Season 3

the boys season 2 questions for season 3

Warning! Spoilers abound for The Boys Season 2.

The Season 2 finale of The Boys left off on several major cliffhangers that dramatically changed the state of the Boys and the Seven moving forward. It also left us with plenty of questions about what to expect in The Boys Season 3, including what Homelander will do now that Stormfront is out of the picture and he's back under Vought's control.

The diabolical series saw the titular characters take on a new set of challenges in Season 2 that sent them to some pretty dark places (and I don't mean the inside of a whale). With the fallout from Stormfront's actions and some clever twists, Season 2 set up The Boys' third season quite nicely. However, there is plenty of time to dissect what happened, so here are six questions we still have ahead of The Boys Season 3.

the boys victoria neuman

What Is Congresswoman Victoria Neuman Really Planning?

Victoria Neuman was against Vought and the Seven and worked for a bit with The Boys to take them down. In short, Neuman didn’t want Vought to weaponize Compound V and she was even a part of the hearings that would have indicted them. However, things took a turn when it was revealed that Neuman was actually the supe behind the exploding heads.

By the end of The Boys Season 2, we still don’t know what her endgame is. Blowing up members of congress and the head of the Church of the Collective are game changers, but it’s still unclear what her goals ultimately are and where her allegiances lie. Claudia Doumit’s promotion to series regular in The Boys Season 3 means we’ll be seeing a lot more of Victoria and I’m hoping we’ll have some answers by then.

the boys stormfront season 2

Will Stormfront Still Play A Role In Season 3?

Stormfront’s arrival in The Boys Season 2 certainly set her up as one of the big bads of the season — yes, even bigger than Homelander. She was working alongside Vought to test Compound V on adults in a bid to turn them into a super-powered army. They, in turn, would fulfill her Nazi goals to attack and kill people of color. However, all of her plans came to a screeching halt when Ryan tried to stop her from killing his mom and burned her to a crisp.

Stormfront lay on the ground, limbs gone, muttering repeatedly in German. While The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke confirmed that Stormfront wasn't dead, it's unclear whether she will be back in Season 3 and in what capacity if yes. I don't think she'll have much power even if she did return because she's now public enemy number one, but she could definitely dictate to Homelander if she recuperates.

the boys the deep

Will The Deep Ever Rejoin The Seven?

The Deep had a strange storyline in The Boys Season 2. After being booted from the Seven for sexually assaulting Starlight in Season 1, the Deep wound up being recruited by the Church of the Collective in the show's sophomore season. They promised that his rehabilitation would land him back in the good graces of the Seven and that he would rejoin the team when all was said and done.

Suffice it to say that the Deep's return to the Seven didn't pan out the way that he had hoped. In fact, the Church of the Collective struck a deal that allowed A-Train to rejoin instead. My guess is that the Deep will leave the Church of the Collective behind in The Boys Season 3 to figure out his own way back onto the team. It probably won't be easy (or likely, if I'm being honest). What he'll get up to is anyone's guess, but it seems like he has a very long journey ahead.

the boys black noir still alive

How Will Black Noir Factor Into The Boys Season 3?

Black Noir was a force to be reckoned with in The Boys Season 2. He spied on the Seven, stalked, attempted to kill, and fought the Boys. Black Noir was almost successful in taking down Starlight after her escape from Vought, but was ultimately thwarted by Queen Maeve and her stuffing an Almond Joy down his throat. Who would’ve thought a nut allergy could take down Black Noir?

While Black Noir is down for the count, he's still very much alive. I'm not sure how long it will take for him to recover from anaphylactic shock, but the event will most likely have impacted him should he return to full form in The Boys Season 3. Does that mean we could get a less lethal Black Noir? It's possible that his near-death experience will have changed him for the better. Maybe that change of heart will see him working alongside Starlight and Maeve. Either way, I don't think he'll be up and about for a while.

the boys homelander season 2

What Will Homelander Do Now That Stormfront And Ryan Are Gone?

The Boys Season 2 was, in part, about Homelander's loss of power. In Season 1, he had the country's adoration, control over the Seven, and the fear of everyone around him. Homelander quickly lost all of that throughout Season 2, but Stormfront's plans to make him the leader of her supe army and the realization that he had a son gave him some twisted sense of purpose again.

By the end of Season 2, however, Homelander had lost both Ryan (to the Boys and the CIA) and Stormfront, who was now a blubbering shadow of herself. Maeve and Starlight, whom he threatened, were back with the Seven and he was under Stan Edgar's thumb once again. Headed into The Boys Season 3, Homelander may be more lost and angrier than ever and that could very well lead him to make rash decisions to reinstate his dominance. I wouldn't put it past him to threaten Victoria Neuman to get what he wants or even go after the CIA to get Ryan back.

the boys butcher season 2

How Will Billy Butcher Move Forward After Losing Becca?

Finding Becca was a big motivating factor behind Butcher’s decision to go after the Seven. Once he discovered that she was still alive, The Boys Season 2 altered Butcher’s mission to save Becca instead. However, the couple hit a roadblock when she decided to stay behind to ensure her son Ryan’s safety. By the end of the season, Becca was killed and Ryan was handed over to the CIA’s Grace Mallory to hide him from Homelander.

Considering Butcher’s failure to save Becca, I think it’ll fuel his hatred of the Seven and Vought even further in Season 3. That could take him down a much darker path than ever before (and we already know what Butcher is capable of). With his mission to save Becca no longer a driving force, it may very well change how Butcher deals with his pent-up emotions in Season 3 and my guess is that we’ll see an even more unhinged and wild version of the character.

The Boys has already been renewed for Season 3 and, although Amazon has not yet scheduled a release date, we know that Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles will be playing the “very first Superhero.” The series is set to begin production on the season in early 2021, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for updates.

In the meantime, you can stream the first two seasons of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video. For more on what to watch, be sure to check out our 2020 fall TV premiere guide.

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