The Boys Season 2 Scene That Was Too Extreme To Include In Season 1

the boys season 2 finale homelander scene

The Boys has gotten away with a lot of disturbing and graphic content over the course of two seasons, be it a whale getting plowed through by a speedboat or a CIA agent getting her head blown off. However, there was one scene that was too extreme to include in Season 1 that made it into The Boys Season 2. As you might expect, it’s definitely not safe for work.

The scene in question happens during The Boys’ Season 2 finale. Homelander decides that he can “do whatever the fuck” he wants and starts masturbating while atop a building. It’s very public and very on brand for the Amazon show. When asked if there was anything in Season 2 that was filmed that didn’t make it to air, The Boys’ VFX supervisor Stephan Fleet brought up the masturbatory scene that showrunner Eric Kripke said was cut from Season 1. Here’s what Fleet told CinemaBlend about the scene’s inclusion in Season 2:

Here's something I could talk about, because it did make the cut and everyone knows about it, and it's public. In Season 1, Eric announced that we had to cut the scene of Homelander on the Chrysler Building, doing his business, saying 'I can do whatever I want.' And we were able to bring it back in Season 2, thanks to Eric doing some of his Eric magic. So it was fun to take something that was cut out of Season 1 and be able to bring it back into Season 2. That was fun.

Homelander’s aggressive self-loving was certainly one of those “I can’t believe they did that” moments from the show. That said, there are a lot of those moments from The Boys and, every time I think that I can’t be shocked by the series’ content anymore, Eric Kripke and the writers manage to prove me wrong.

In July 2019, The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke revealed that the folks at Amazon said “FUCK NO” to the scene of Homelander jerking off. Luckily, they changed their minds and decided that it was okay to include in Season 2. All told, the scene didn’t get way too gross, and Stephan Fleet agreed. Here’s how he put it:

Yeah, and not get too gross. We shot it in such a way that it would be that gross, but you know, it's clear what he's doing. And it's actually some comic book framing in there. We went for a little bit of comic book magic, which is cool.

I think it’s great that the folks at Amazon approved the scene the second time around. I’d wager that there were scenes from The Boys Season 2 that were cut as well. And hey, if a scene of Homelander masturbating can make its way back into the show, then I think it’s possible for deleted Season 2 scenes to show up in Season 3.

For now, you can watch (or rewatch) The Boys Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video. The series has already been renewed for Season 3, but it has no premiere date yet. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for updates, and be sure to check out our 2020 fall TV premiere guide for more on what to watch.

Mae Abdulbaki