Why One Bridgerton Star Likes Having Intimacy Coordinators For The Show’s Steamy Sex Scenes

Shondaland's Bridgerton

Amazingly, Bridgerton is still maintaining its home on Netflix’s top ten list since its release this past Christmas. Shondaland’s period drama has raised some eyebrows due to its somewhat explicit sex scenes, including a noteworthy three-minute sex montage. Despite some sex scenes being recently posted to porn sites in such a distasteful manner, the cast has maintained that the process of filming of the scenes was incredibly respectful. This consideration for the actors has seemingly come from the series' use of intimacy coordinators, a practice that is apparently very much appreciated by the cast, at least in the case of Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey.

Jonathan Bailey, who plays the head of the Bridgerton household, recently talked about the use of intimacy coordinators on the set. Bailey says actors and coordinators first talk about boundaries before entering a scene so that everyone is involved is comfortable. Here's what he said to ET on the matter,

It’s amazing, and I cannot believe that they were not included in the process. But they basically come in, you have a one-on-one. You talk about your personal experiences and any boundaries you might have before you then deal with the actual scene. They just make it very safe.

While you would think filming sex scenes would be incredibly awkward, the use of intimacy coordinators apparently reduces the cringe factor by quite a bit. While it’s sometimes difficult to see actors as having a life outside of their characters, it’s important to remember that they are real people with real experiences, not all of which are going to be good. By having an intimacy coordinator to sort out any negative sexual energy, it allows everyone involved to be at ease, in what would otherwise be an uncomfortable situation.

Whatever those intimacy coordinators did over on the Bridgerton set worked out pretty well, as the show now has a huge following. While there is more than just the steamy sex scenes going for the series, the swoon worthiness of the show has seemingly stolen the hearts of households everywhere.

Fans who have binged the series probably more than once have been hoping for the confirmation of a second season of Bridgerton, and they are in luck! Season 2 has been confirmed and will start shooting this spring. Hopefully, the second season will go forward with the aid of those same intimacy coordinators, ensuring fans get their romance fix, in a way that's safe for the actors.

It’s unclear exactly when you’ll get to see Jonathan Bailey’s Viscount Anthony Bridgerton on screen again, but we'll be keeping an eye on any further developments. Until then, check out our updated list of everything being released to Netflix this year!

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