Fans Can't Get Enough Of One Bridgerton Season 1 Scene On Netflix, And We Can Thank Taylor Swift

For those of us who love romance, there are many (many, many) things to love about the freshman Netflix series, Bridgerton. Besides the fact that it's based on a series of popular novels by author Julia Quinn, the romantic drama is packed with glorious period details, scandal, intriguing characters, and much more, including orchestral renditions of some popular songs from the very recent modern era. One of those songs happens to be by Taylor Swift, and Bridgerton fans cannot get enough of the Season 1 scene it was used in.

OK, I know there have to be a lot of you Swifties out there right now who are thinking, "Duh! Obviously anything attached to Taylor Swift's name is going to catch folks by their heart places and undo them emotionally!" And, that's great, but some of us had no idea, even after watching the Bridgerton scene in question, that Ms. Swift was musically lurking in the background. So, we are stunned by the way fans have gone crazy over the fact that her song isn't just a part of the show, but scores what must be the best sex montage ever recorded.

As you might imagine, people have taken to Twitter to discuss their many emotions about recognizing a beloved Taylor Swift song while they watch Daphne Bridgerton and her new husband, Simon, the Duke of Hastings, bone each other senseless all over his estate:

Wow, guys? This twitterer is clearly on the verge of verklempt from being so overcome at what resulted from the combo of Taylor Swift's 2015 hit "Wildest Dreams," as performed by an orchestra, and the visuals of Daphne and Simon making sure no surface inside or outside on the grounds of their estate are safe for regular folks to sit on. Until their staff comes by to clean up, anyway. Those poor maids / groundskeepers!

Some people had to take their time after watching the scene (which takes place in Episode 6, a bit over 11 minutes in), to really parse what they had just witnessed, it was such a thing to behold:

Yes, Brandon! That is precisely what you just watched! If you've seen Bridgerton (and I really hope you have by now), Daphne and Simon go from enemies to friends to almost lovers and then (Finally!) become newlyweds who simply cannot keep their hands off of one another. But! Simon is determined not to have children, and thinks he can fool Daphne into (forever) believing he's actually incapable of procreating by relying on his "strong pull-out game." This does not go over well with the new lady of the house once she realizes what's going on.

Meanwhile, know that the Twitter love for this scene goes way beyond the Swiftieness of it all, and has successfully merged two fandoms:

I mean, I think that's only fair. Daphne and Simon get up to some major sexual shenanigans during the course of this, roughly, three minute bangathon. There's sex in the rain at night in a massive gazebo, hair-tangling library sex, and even lawn sex in broad daylight (the swans didn't seem to mind). I doubt many of us who've watched will be able to forget it anytime soon. In fact, it's probably going to end up going on some personal Top 10 lists:

Well, it's clear the Bridgerton folks knew what they were doing when they decided to take Taylor Swift back to Regency era England for Season 1. I'm sure they'll be able to bring us many new wonderful surprises, should they be granted Season 2, so let's all hope that comes to pass!

All of Bridgerton Season 1 awaits on Netflix right now, but for more to watch in the coming weeks, check out our guide to winter / spring 2021 TV!

Adrienne Jones
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