Big Brother's Tyler And Angela Have A Message For Fans Following Cheating Allegations

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Big Brother speculation can run rampant when the show is in-season, though as of late there's been a lot more drama happening in the off-season. Fans correctly guessed something romantic was happening between Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett, which may be why fans began to run wild with speculation when it was alleged Angela Rummans cheated on Tyler Crispen when he was competing on the show.

The speculation reached its peak recently when fans began to wonder if the two had split after missing some time on social media. The rumors finally caused Angela and Tyler to post a video responding to the allegations, and hopefully put a stop to the rumors once and for all.

Angela: Guys, just a quick little update here. We're still together, we have not split up. Sorry we didn't post on social media yesterday together. I apologize.Tyler: Stop emailing us, US Weekly.

For Big Brother fans out of the loop, this all goes back to a rumor in which notable Big Brother analyst and podcaster Brent Wolgamott tweeted about hearing chatter that Angela Rummans cheated with an old ex while Tyler Crispen was in the Big Brother house last season. Before we go any further, I should mention that Wolgamott has issued a public apology for tweeting the rumor, saying it wasn't his place to air out something so private.

While the original tweet has been deleted, the story was that Angela met up with an ex-boyfriend who happens to live in the same city while Tyler Crispen was in the Big Brother house. Some form of indiscretion was rumored to occur, and some fans chimed in that there was photo evidence (none that I could find) that proved the encounter happened. The tweet said that Tyler was only recently made aware of this and that he had dumped Angela over it. The tweet sparked the video response within hours of the rumor, as well as this sweet photo of the two on Instagram.

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Angela Rummans went further to explain that she had been silent on social media because she recently lost her grandfather to COVID-19 and had been in mourning. Neither statement has directly addressed the original rumor presented, but as many Big Brother fans are now saying, it's a private matter. Regardless of what may or may not have happened, the two are still together, and that's all they want the public to know for now.

With that said I do understand the interest of the Big Brother fandom in the incident, considering Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans are one of the most popular showmance couples of the franchise. The allegation also seemed particularly bad considering Tyler spent most of his time on Big Brother All-Stars talking about Angela, and nearly tried to self-evict so that he could go back home to her. Ultimately though, this may be a matter the two wish to handle privately if there's even anything to it, so I think it's best that fans just give them some time and perhaps focus attention on the next season of Big Brother.

Big Brother Season 23 has been confirmed, though it will remain to be seen whether or not the situation with COVID in Los Angeles hinders production. CinemaBlend will definitely keep an eye on the situation, as well as continue to report the latest changes and goings-on within the fandom.

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