Fans Think Big Brother All-Stars' Memphis And Christmas Kissed, But Did They?

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Warning! The following may contain spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars live feeds as of Monday, October 12. Read at your own risk!

Just when it seemed like Big Brother All-Stars was all out of spiciness for the season, a bit of drama has stirred up in the house which has some fans wondering what is going on. Remember when it was believed a showmance wouldn't be happening this season? Well, some fans believe something happened between Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott, but it should be said right now that that's only speculation.

Rumors started swirling following a live feed video in which Christmas Abbott was seen making her way over to Memphis Garrett's bed. Christmas has her back to the camera but leans down to Memphis and there's a pause before she pulls away and Memphis is heard laughing in his bed. It could've been her just sharing something she didn't want to be heard on the feeds, but that's not what Big Brother All-Stars viewers believe.

Did something happen in that pause, or is it just being wildly misinterpreted by the Big Brother All-Stars fandom? Whatever the case, Twitter has been aflame with rumors about the two's potential involvement, with even some talk that they might've showered together when the feeds were down. I have no idea how anyone would know that if the feeds were down, but some people are running with it, regardless.

The answer to whether or not this is a cheating scandal is unclear. To start, there's still no definitive evidence Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott had a romantic encounter of any kind, and the Big Brother fandom often attempts to run with things that are unfounded on social media. Second, Christmas has said she's on "good terms" with the father of her child outside of the house, though it's unclear what their relationship status is. Memphis had a girlfriend going in, but it appears she has wiped her Instagram page of pictures with him since this drama started.

It's unclear whether or not this is an actual breakup, or if this was a result of the rumors that Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott kissed. What I can say is that when this news started circulating, an interview with Memphis surfaced, which took place ahead of Big Brother All-Stars, where he discussed showmances. Watch the clip, which may tell some all they need to know about what's happening in the Big Brother house:

I can't imagine anyone's significant other would be happy hearing that, whether or not anything happened between Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott. The fact that Memphis directly mentioned Christmas by name before he knew she was going to be in the house is super interesting as well, but again, I have to remind readers that we know absolutely nothing about what did or didn't happen between them. But, it looks like fans are going to continue evaluating each and every movement they make until the truth is revealed.

Of course, this speculation can only last for so long as both Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott are up for eviction this week. With one headed to the Jury House, anything that may or may not be happening will be on hold until next week, at the earliest, when another person leaves, or after the finale. We can only wait and see, as well as hope that if this is a big misunderstanding, fans backpedal on the comments they've made so far.

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