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Ryan Reynolds Is All About Chainsaws, Axes And Silliness In First Trailer For New Snapchat Show

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There are probably few people who love movies and don't believe that Ryan Reynolds, he of much Deadpool fame, is a treasure. Not only was he finally able to right the wrongs done to that iconic character in a previous X-Men movie by starring as the oddball hero in two (very well-received) films, but he's also become very well known for his humorous displays on social media. Now, we're going to be getting even more of Reynolds' patented silly, sarcastic charm (along with mad chainsaw and axe-throwing action) in his new Snapchat show, Ryan Doesn't Know.

If you, like me, are now surprised to hear that Ryan Reynolds has done a show for Snapchat, never fear! The actor released a short trailer for Ryan Doesn't Know onto his YouTube page recently, so that we can all get a feel for the silliness to come from this 12-part series. Check it out!

Despite seeming somewhat unsure about the shooting style for his new series (as well as whether or not it will, indeed, "be fun"), Ryan Reynolds looks like he went all-in with his quest to learn some intriguing new things for Ryan Doesn't Know. The first thing we see him try in the video appears to involve wielding a chainsaw outdoors in a very chilly climate so that he can attempt some ice sculpting, and, honestly, I do want to see how that must have turned out.

Even though the trailer for Ryan Doesn't Know is less than a minute, we still get to see the very enthusiastic actor try out things like painting his fingernails, what appears to be simply packing a suitcase, axe throwing (also outdoors and with a lot of clearance for any mishaps, thank goodness), and lifting weights that seem to look like speakers. Reynolds also seems to get some tips on making coffee, doing magic tricks (Or, maybe doing real magic. Who can say?), and doing (Performing?) mukbang, which I really still don't understand as a thing that people enjoy watching.

I like to think that each of these undertakings will be explained to some extent, and I can only imagine that Ryan Reynolds will have some wonderfully wacky takes on both why the things he learned for the show are interesting, and how whatever he does within Ryan Doesn't Know "is going to suck." If nothing else, we can surely count on Reynolds to give his unvarnished opinion on the fruits of his own labor, and that alone seems like its worth the price of admission.

Ryan Reynolds' Snap Original series Ryan Doesn't Know will begin airing on Snapchat Discover, Saturday, January 30, with new episodes debuting every other day, and you can go here to download the app and watch it. For more to force into your eyeballs in the meantime, be sure to check out our guide to winter / spring 2021 TV premieres!

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