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Ryan Reynolds Took A Jab At His Middle Name, And The Internet Has Some Hilarious Thoughts

Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy

Everyone has that one thing about themselves they would rather forget. For celebrities, that minor affliction can become a sour spot, especially if fans turn it into something viral. In Ryan Reynolds’ case, it’s his middle name – Rodney. So, in true Ryan Reynolds fashion, he took a jab at his middle name on social media, and the internet had a field day.

Anyone who’s a fan of Ryan Reynolds and his work knows of his dry, witty humor since the days of Van Wilder. That humor has even led to a long-simmering “feud” with actor Hugh Jackman. But his latest target came into play when Reynolds was advertising for one of his business ventures, mobile phone company Mint Mobile, on Twitter. Check out the tweet that started it all:

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Reynolds’s history of turning negatives into public fodder is amazing. He built his whole career on it – whether it’s the Green Lantern film disappointing at the box office or teasing his wife, Blake Lively. But as per usual, Twitter users couldn’t let this slide, as they had no chill upon finding out this minor fact. Check out this user’s response below:

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When you think of Ryan Reynolds, it's almost impossible not to think of his role. as Deadpool and, now, it looks like the actor will reportedly be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So a Marvel-related joke was bound to happen, and it perfectly aligns with Reynolds new status in the cinematic universe:

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Having three names that begin with the same first letter may sound like a rarity, but there are plenty of people who are Reynolds' shoes. One user sympathized with the actor’s triple R distinction as she deals with the same plight except with L’s. Here’s her response:

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Another user saw the triple R distinction as a cool moment with WWE potential. He suggested the actor venture into the ring with Triple H:

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Besides Mint Mobile, Reynolds has ventured into doing other business ventures such as gin brand Aviation American Gin and Welsh soccer team Wrexham AFC. And when the actor isn't working on his businesses, he's working on his acting career going. Just recently, he took part in then animated sequel The Croods: A New Age. And this year, he'll appear in the comedies Free Guy and The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard.

It was nice to see Reynolds using his self-deprecating humor (even it means dissing his own middle name) to promote one of his many business ventures. As I mentioned before, everyone has that one thing they wish didn’t exist, and seeing someone of Reynolds’ caliber roast himself shows plenty of humility and relatability. At the end of the day, it's just another reason to love the hilarious actor.

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