Ryan Reynolds Trolls Blake Lively Back With A Response To Funny Video

Blake Lively in A Simple Favor and Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy
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Ok, so here’s the thing. There’s a little family starring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, and they are adorable. The Green Lantern co-stars have three young daughters Taylor Swift named some of her songs after. Although in between their busy lives living happily ever after, the pair are prone to PDA through means of throwing shade at one another, and these days that happens through Instagram.

If you’re following along, earlier this week, Blake Lively shared to her followers a list of her four favorite things from Vancouver, Canada, and intentionally left out Ryan Reynolds to slot in an extra tasty dessert. And Reynolds is obviously Deadpool, so why’d he let her have the last word? Here is the video he chose to channel his response. We’ll get to how, but first off, take a look at the post:

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Yeah, so it’s a video about postpartum. So… what? Where’s the shade? In the clever video made by Frida Mom, a pair of women discuss a PSA about the “fourth trimester,” which is the 12 weeks following the birth of a child. During the PSA, the women talk about how new mothers will “need to avoid dicks.” Both in the literal sense (as in heterosexual women should not be having penetrative sex with their partners) and in terms of letting figurative “dicks” into their lives. Reynolds was spotted in the comments section with this to say:

I’d tag @blakelively but I’m afraid that might not go well for me.

The comment was in response to the Instagram caption that asked viewers of the video to “tag a mom who wishes this was the hospital video she had when she gave birth.” Ryan Reynolds does tag his wife, but jokes around that if he does he might get in trouble. Just reading between the lines here, but the Deadpool actor seems to be the “dick” Blake should avoid, but didn’t get a memo for. Oops! What’s funny is he’s trolling her with a self-deprecating troll of himself, because he’s a gentleman… kind of?

These two just won’t quit the fun shade. The pair met a decade ago whilst filming Green Lantern, which bombed, but hey, they didn't leave empty-handed at least! The couple tied the knot back in 2012 at a wedding venue they’ve since regretted picking for their happy big day. They now juggle having three kids with their major film projects, such as Reynolds’ upcoming roles in Free Guy and The Hitman’s Bodyguard , among many others. Lively is gearing up to star in a crime drama called The Husband’s Secret and a Netflix post-apocalyptic thriller called Dark Days at the Magna Carta.

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