Titans Season 3 Has Cast Its Third Robin With Tim Drake

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The Titans cast is getting even bigger for Season 3 with the addition of another character pulled from the pages of DC Comics' Batman stories: Tim Drake. The live-action series that started out on DC Universe and has moved to HBO Max has added the character known in the comics as the third Robin for the next batch of episodes, raising some big questions about what's on the way.

Tim Drake will be played by none other than Jay Lycurgo, known for appearances in HBO's I May Destroy You and the Amazon short called Father of the Bride. Variety reports that Lycurgo's Tim is a streetwise kid with a tough life who nevertheless hasn't lost his belief in heroism, boasting an almost genius-level mind and attention to detail that makes him a good detective.

Having an eye for detective work makes Tim sound like a good partner for the Dark Knight; his easy-going demeanor somewhat less so, but would Titans really introduce a Batman/Robin partnership without its complications? Bruce's dynamics with Dick and Jason on Titans certainly haven't been the healthiest.

Although Tim Drake hasn't explicitly been named as the third of three Robins in Titans so far, the announcement courtesy of the show's official Twitter page makes his Boy Wonder future pretty clear:

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Tim Drake coming from a street background for Titans actually recalls Jason Todd's pre-Robin origin story from DC Comics, but having a brilliant mind and eye for detective work certainly sound like the Tim that many comic fans may know and love. Still, the casting of Jay Lycurgo as Tim comes as a bit of a surprise, considering he is the third Robin in three seasons.

Then again, Titans already subverted expectations when it came to Jason Todd leaving the mantle of Robin behind, as he is becoming Red Hood via his own choice rather than because he was murdered and then resurrected to become an antihero. Season 3 will evidently have Nightwing, Red Hood, and Tim Drake's Robin all in the mix at the same time. Throw in the Batgirl-turned-Oracle with Savannah Welch's Barbara Gordon, and Season 3 is shaping up to be a Bat-family affair!

Since Tim is arguably the Robin who is most often overlooked when it comes to DC Comics adaptations in recent years (at least compared to Dick Grayson and the fourth Robin), his fans have a lot of reasons to be excited. That said, the addition of Tim Drake raises the question even more of how heavy Titans Season 3 is going to go on Bat-stories compared to Titans stories. Starfire has an awesome new costume and is in for a big storyline, but most of the confirmed details for Season 3 seem to be centered on Gotham and Dick's side of the Titans plot.

Unfortunately, it may be a while before we see Jay Lycurgo in action as Tim Drake, or learn how Batman has already landed himself a third Robin. HBO Max hasn't released a premiere date for Titans Season 3. That said, you can find the first two seasons with the first two Robins on the HBO streamer now, and the Arrowverse is returning to The CW to deliver a whole lot in the way of DC Comics characters on TV.

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