Titans Fans React To Starfire’s Badass New Costume For Season 3

Anna Diop as Koriand’r/Starfire on Titans (2018)

Titans is currently in production on its third season, and fans have been eager to learn what lies ahead for the angsty group of DC super teens. Specific plots details have been kept pretty close to the vest, but the show has been giving viewers a few cool tidbits. Just recently, we were treated to our first look at Jason Todd’s Red Hood outfit, which looks like it was ripped right out of the pages of a comic book. Now, we have a look Starfire’s new outfit, and the fans are definitely here for it!

Titans Season 3 will see Anna Diop’s Koriand’r (or Kory Anders) level up in a major way, as the show has revealed a stunning new suit that’s closer to that of her attire from the comics. When Diop’ Starfire first debuted back in Season 1, a number of fans took issue with her look and, now, many are satisfied to see this new iteration:

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Despite some viewers’ misgivings about Starfire’s initial costume, many took to Diop’s performance as the Tamaranean princess. With her new suit in tow, it appears fans of the character only love her even more:

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There are fans out there who haven’t been keeping up with Titans consistently and, as a result, Starfire’s new threads come as somewhat of a surprise. Needless to say, some DC fans are going to make it a point to catch up before the new season begins:

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Seeing Starfire in such an incredible costume also stokes up plenty of emotions in longtime fans of the character. One user showed great appreciation for how the show is drawing from Kory’s comic book look:

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Reception to the costumes featured in Titans has been “mixed,” to say the least but, lately, the show has really shined in that respect. Season 2 marked the debut of Dick Grayson’s Nightwing outfit, which is honestly much better than the new look actor Brenton Thwaites pitched for the character. With some characters stepping up their game, it was only right that Kory would also receive a new suit as she continues to evolve as a character.

New costume aside, Titans Season 3 is shaping up to be a big one for Starfire. The hero took a bit of a back seat in the second season due to the introductions of other characters, but audiences did learn a bit more about her past on Tamaran. This included meeting her evil sister, Blackfire, who arrived on Earth to convince Kory to join her in ruling their home planet. Showrunner Greg Walker has confirmed that Blackfire’s presence will create a “big” arc for Kory in Season 3, and he even hinted at a few surprises for hardcore Starfire fans.

It remains to be seen how things are going to pan out for Anna Diop’s Starfire in the new season, but this suit is definitely a step in the right direction. With any luck, she’ll finally embrace his superhero identity in its entirety.

You can catch up on Titans ahead of Season 3 by steaming the show on HBO Max.

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