Dan Levy Was Delightful In SNL's Sexy Zillow Spoof, And The Website Even Loved It

Dan Levy on SNL in Zillow sketch 2021

What is there to say about Schitt’s Creek and Happiest Season’s Dan Levy except that he is practically perfect in every way? And I really do mean every, as he even delighted fans this weekend during his Saturday Night Live debut. The moment that really stood out? A Zillow ad of all things, and the online real estate marketplace even responded to get into the fun after the late night episode aired.

Last night had a few gems, but the one that caught the Internet’s attention was one of SNL’s famous fake ads. The general premise is that where people used to stay up late and get randy in the bedroom, many people in their late thirties are now only interested in browsing Zillow listings. This is a thing a lot of people admittedly do (and may be doing more of during the pandemic) whether or not they’ve hit the big 3-6.

Literally, I could just watch Dan Levy on repeat over and over noting, ‘I’d never live in North Carolina, but if I did I could buy a big, gross mansion.” But the premise as a whole is funny, and apparently Zillow thought so too. Whomever runs the company’s social media feed reached out to Dan Levy after the swell new episode of SNL aired and sent off a funny tweet.

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It's not the first time Zillow has tied in with pop culture, but it's probably the most notable. Later, Dan Levy went home and retweeted the moment, cementing it in history. Other people seemed to like the sketch as well, however, mostly because it really seemed to resonate with what is happening in their lives.

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Apparently, realtors in particular found the whole thing amusing, as well. So, really, there was nearly universal acclaim for the Saturday Night Live sketch.

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Actually, though, if you need confirmation that people outside of their late thirties also deeply identified with the SNL ad featuring much of the ensemble cast and Dan Levy, I got you covered there too.

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Meanwhile, SNL as a whole had some other notable moments. The "Cold Open" this weekend was Super Bowl LV-themed and starred Kenan Thompson, which makes perfect sense given the Chiefs play Tampa Bay tonight, and we also got some sketches that were much more Levy specific. Dan Levy and Kate McKinnon (who is also LGBTQ) did an “It Gets Better” spoof that used a bunch of qualifiers about things getting better, but within that “some things that are like, eh, less better.” You can check much of the episode out on NBC.com if you missed it last night.

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