Sounds Like Marvel's Armor Wars Is Going To Reveal 'A Lot' About Don Cheadle's War Machine

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As Marvel fans feast on the wealth of MCU questions WandaVision has made them ponder, it's important to remember a lot more questions are on the way as Disney+ churns out more Marvel television content. One of those shows on the way is Armor Wars, which will feature War Machine actor Don Cheadle and a nightmare scenario concerning Tony Stark's technology.

The actor recently spoke about the series in an interview with Entertainment Tonight and teased a bit about what viewers can expect when they see the show. Specifically, it sounds like audiences will learn more about James Rhodes after years of seeing him play sidekick to other heroes in the MCU:

It's going to be dope. We're really going to have a chance to explore a lot of stuff about [James] Rhodes. I mean, you look at what we've done so far, there's a lot left to be explored. So I think there's a lot of real estate that we're going to dig into.

As far as what all Armor Wars will explore, there's still a laundry list of questions MCU fans have about the time after The Blip that haven't been touched on yet. While we don't know how much of that will be covered in the series, Don Cheadle has confirmed that Tony Stark's death will factor into the series (via The story itself will be adapted from a popular Marvel Comics storyline, though obviously re-told through an MCU lens acknowledging the changes in the show's universe. The original story detailed Stark searching for answers as his armor's designs fell into the wrong hands.

Armor Wars is scheduled to start filming soon, but there will be opportunities to see Don Cheadle as War Machine ahead of that. The actor confirmed his character will appear in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, though obviously, he wasn't too forthcoming about what role he will play in the whole thing. With that said, it makes sense that Rhodes would have some presence in the series, being a Marvel hero with ties to the military. Captain America was technically a mantle created by the U.S. military, so one would think they have some form of say on his successor.

Armor Wars and Falcon and the Winter Soldier are just a couple of the MCU shows headed to Disney+, all of which are presumably going to enhance and expand the MCU's lore at large. Shows like Armor Wars give characters like Don Cheadle's War Machine more of a spotlight than they may get in films and a chance to tell more of their story. We're still in the early stages of its rollout but, given the fans' response to WandaVision thus far, it seems like these shows will be great for the MCU overall.

Armor Wars' official release date is currently unknown. For more on the world of Marvel, read up on WandaVision and that wild cameo that has fans talking.

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