Tom Brady's Man In The Arena Trailer Features Blunt Thoughts From Bill Belichick And Drew Bledsoe

Another trailer for Tom Brady's Man In The Arena has arrived, and it appears it could be every bit as messy as the acclaimed Chicago Bulls documentary The Last Dance. The latest look at the upcoming series features interviews with some of the NFL quarterback's teammates over the years, who don't hold back on how they felt about the quarterback at various points in his career. This includes Drew Bledsoe, the former starting quarterback of the New England Patriots who Brady stepped in for, and never stepped aside for.

The fated story of Drew Bledsoe's injury that allowed for an unknown 6th round draft pick quarterback to get an NFL start is legendary. Bledsoe, whose injury at the time had some fans believing New England's season was over with his Week 2 injury, shared his thoughts in the trailer on what he thought about his replacement Tom Brady before he ultimately took his job:

Just a skinny little twerp out of Michigan. I didn't perceive him as a threat.

As many know New England ultimately stayed with Brady after winning their first Super Bowl that year against the heavily favored St. Louis Rams, and Drew Bledsoe was traded to the Buffalo Bills in the offseason. Drew Bledsoe is just one of the many faces featured in this short and sweet trailer, which also featured familiar faces like Randy Moss, Rodney Harrison, and of course, Tom Brady.

Other noteworthy names appear in the clips of Brady's career, including the legendary current coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick. Belichick and Brady's dynamic was believed to be a key to what would eventually result in 6 Super Bowls wins out of 9 appearances. Of course, Brady left the New England Patriots this season and got a 10th Super Bowl appearance without the help of the coach. It will be interesting to see if the notoriously cagey coach sat down for the documentary, and what he'd have to say about his former quarterback.

ESPN is obviously hoping Man in the Arena is as much of a success as The Last Dance, which featured a candid look at Michael Jordan's historic run with the Chicago Bulls. The documentary unearthed a bunch of previously unknown facts and revelations about the team, and it's been a question whether Man in the Arena will deliver the same. For all their success Tom Brady has not been immune to controversy in his career, so it will be interesting to see how or if it's addressed.

Man in the Arena is expected to air on ESPN+ in the fall of 2021. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for juicy details that may surface upon its release, and for more on the NFL, read up on Troy Aikman's response to comments that he calls games with a bias.

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