Yellowstone Cast Members And Fans React To First Preview For Spinoff Heading To Paramount Plus

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With its first three seasons, Paramount Network's Yellowstone became the most watched and highest-rated scripted series in all of cable, so there's no big mystery behind parent company CBSViacom's decision to sign a mega-lucrative deal with co-creator Taylor Sheridan. And it's not a surprise that the first project to come out of that deal is a Yellowstone spinoff, revealed to be a prequel titled Y: 1883. But just because it's not surprising doesn't mean it's not awesome, and the spinoff's first Super Bowl-set teaser got a bunch of celebratory responses from both Yellowstone cast members and fans.

To be sure, Yellowstone fans were just as loud about not knowing the Season 4 premiere date as they were loud about anything else, but the main subject at hand was "being pumped about the spinoff," assuming being pumped counts as an emotion. For instance, here's how Jefferson "Jimmy" White responded to the preview's post on Instagram:

Incredible. Cannot wait.

No one ever claimed that these Yellowstone actors were overly loquacious on social media.(That said, Jefferson White did go on in recent months about Season 4 being the best one yet for the western drama.) It definitely wasn't just Jefferson White, either, as Governor Lynelle Perry portrayer Wendy Moniz also shared a brevity-minded reaction to the Y: 1883 promo.


To be fair, the Yellowstone prequel video is also about as bare bones as a teaser can get, as it basically just sets up a dreary winter setting, with a couple of dialogue snippets cluing viewers in on this not being a low-brow stoner comedy. Whatever happened in the ranch's past most certainly involved the Dutton family, and it most certainly involved some behavior that will turn out to be shady from all sides. Perhaps the Yellowstone actors didn't want to say too much, lest fans try and eke more information from them they're completely unaware of.

While she's not part of the Yellowstone crew officially, Taylor Sheridan's wife Nic offered her support on Instagram as well.

Elsewhere, SEAL Team's dog handler and actor Justin Melnick shared his enthusiasm for seeing Yellowstone get a new chapter in its dark and vengeful narrative, saying "Can't wait!" The prequel earned a bunch of fire emojis from Pittsburg Pirates pitcher Cody Ponce, and even the bassist from Three Doors Down, Justin Biltonen, voiced his enthusiasm.

And then there are the everyday fans who provided appropriately loud and jubilant excitement over the thought of seeing more from Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone universe. More than a few viewers out there were quick to give the upcoming Paramount Plus teaser the benefit of the doubt, despite its short runtime, and still labeled it the MVP ad of the night. The user below even brought in two of the animated characters that were shown in various Paramount Plus ads with Patrick Stewart, SpongeBob and others.

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Then, you know, there are the people who are just so pumped to see Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone universe expand.

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And then there are the fans whose go-to reaction to most things is to quick-breathe their way into lightheadedness. Do what you gotta do, I guess.

ANYONE ELSE hyperventilating when they saw the commercial? Still screaming.

Yellowstone's now highly anticipated prequel series Y: 1883 is scheduled to kick off at some point on the Paramount+ streaming servicein 2021, with Season 4 of the flagship series likely hitting Paramount Network proper over the summer. What are you guys most excited to see when the new show arrives?

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