Marvel's Ironheart Actress Finally Touches On Landing The Disney+ Role

Marvel's Ironheart

One of the most highly-anticipated shows to drop on Disney+ in the near future is Marvel Studios’ Ironheart. Announced at Disney’s Investor Day in December, the series will center around genius inventor Riri Williams, who creates the most advanced suit of armor since Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. With Dominique Thorne - known from If Beale Street Could Talk and Judas and the Black Messiah - starring as the superheroine, she’s finally spoken out about what she thinks of being part of the Marvel legacy and portraying a comic book superhero.

A Marvel fan can only hope and dream to portray an iconic superhero one day, and for some, that dream comes true. While speaking to BlackFilmandTV, Dominique Thorne mentioned how much her household loves Marvel. And, to portray such an important character felt very inspiring to her. Dominique said:

Absolutely. I think my mother might disown me if I didn't. It's very much a Marvel household. I did know about Ironheart before I was approached with the role. So it was an awe inspiring moment to think that I would be chosen to portray this woman and to bring her to the screen in this way. So yeah.

Relatively new to the comic book world, Ironheart was only introduced to the world a few years ago. Riri Williams first appeared in a 2016 issue of Invincible Iron Man, officially debuting as Ironheart the following year. She's created by acclaimed comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mike Deodato. Dominique Thorne has said she’s excited to dive deep into the teenage tech prodigy and bring her to life, going through as many of the comics as she can, knowing that fans will be expecting her to know everything about Riri Williams.

I would expect nothing less. I'm looking forward to really doing the deep dive. I've definitely run through as many of the comics as I can. I'm so ready to do more.

Ironheart is just one of many Marvel shows Disney+ has in store. With WandaVision already in the middle of its first season and an official trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier being shown during the Super Bowl, fans can also look forward to Hawkeye, Loki, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, What If…?, Ms. Marvel, Secret Invasion, Armor Wars and I Am Groot, hopefully sometime soon.

While not too much is known about what the show will be like, Dominique Thorne seems like she’s ready to take on the superhero role as the new Ironheart, in whatever capacity that may be. With the Marvel Disney+ shows being connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this could eventually be yet another way to introduce a fresh face to the Avengers on the big screen.

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